Interview A Senior Citizen

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Interview a Senior Citizen

Interview a Senior Citizen

Family History and Background

The senior citizen I interviewed was 66-years old. He was born in South Carolina along with three siblings. The childhood of Mr. A was very much like other children. Mr. A belonged to a middle-income family who used to live in a small neighborhood. Mr. A enjoyed several happy moments along with his siblings during childhood. Mr. A, along with his family, has celebrated all occasions, holidays, and festivals. It depicts that he had a happy family. During childhood, Mr. A was not assigned with so many responsibilities. Although he belonged to a middle-income family, Mr. A did not bear any hardships during his childhood.

During the interview, Mr. A said that he had enjoyed the happiest moments of life along with his friends and siblings in childhood. His family used to celebrate Christmas, Halloween, and several other functions.

School Environment and Educational Experience

The interviewee is an educated person who has successfully achieved high school and grad school education. The parents of Mr. A equipped all children with good standard education. They also equip their children with organization skills, social skills, and others. Mr. A said during the interview that his parents had always motivated him to learn vocations apart from academics education. The importance of vocational training should be realized by modern schools (Cantor, 1989). Mr. A is a very good cook since he can prepare a variety of cuisines. He acquired this skill from a vocational training institute. He believes that parents should equip their children with some vocations a part from academic education. When Mr. A was giving answers about his childhood and family, a sense of pride was observed in his eyes.

During childhood, Mr. A also participated in a variety of sport including football, baseball, and others. He ...
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