Intracranial Dissection Mimicking Transient Cerebral Arteriopathy In Childhood Arterial Ischemic Stroke

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Intracranial Dissection Mimicking Transient Cerebral Arteriopathy in Childhood Arterial Ischemic Stroke

[Name of InstituteIntracranial Dissection Mimicking Transient Cerebral Arteriopathy in Childhood Arterial Ischemic Stroke


This paper will discuss the dissection of cerebral arteriopathy in children who have ischemic stroke. Dissection of cerebral arteriopathy is a common cause of ischemic stroke in young age, especially in children. Its share of the other reasons is 25 percent or more, which is higher than the frequency of cardiogenic embolism, and antiphospholipid syndrome.


Intensive study of dissection of cerebral arteriopathy, to show its high prevalence, started at the end of the last century, when there was a widely use of non-invasive angiography (magnetic resonance and computed tomography), to provide this kind of lifetime verification of vascular disease of the brain. Earlier dissection was considered a rarity, since its diagnosis was confirmed; only the post mortem examination does not reflect the incidence of dissection, as it caused an ischemic stroke which usually has a favorable outcome for the life.

Cerebral arterial dissection is a tear of blood through the penetration of the intima from the lumen of the artery walls, with subsequent spread between the layers. Accumulation of blood in the artery wall, especially under the intima, leads to stenosis or occlusion of its lumen. Its consequence is a deterioration of the blood supply of the brain. The spread of blood towards the adventitia leads to the formation of pseudo aneurysm, blood clots which can be a source of arterio-arterial embolism with the development of cerebral infarction (Dlamini et al., 2011).

Dissection develops in the large arteries supplying the brain; in the arteries of the head (the internal carotid artery - ICA, vertebral artery-PA), in the middle, back, front, and the main arteries of the brain. Dysplasia cause predisposing to intimal tear of the arterial wall (pathology ...
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