Introduction To Academic Writing

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Introduction to Academic Writing

Introduction to Academic Writing


Academic writing is a type of writing in which students writes and analyze any specific information. Scholars and postgraduate students, do academic writing as part of their research thesis As an undergraduate student, and other lower level students are required to write about a topic from their reference of mind. Academic writing is clearly defined by having an obvious audience; a clear purpose, either an exam question to answer or a research project to report on and has a clear structure (Jordan, 1980, 110).

Academic writing is not a random writing. It follows a process. The first and the most important part is understanding your task. Then second step is to carry research and study relevant to the topic then writing drafts, proofread and edit and then finally the final form.


Section A- Analysis Plan of an Essay

Essay plan and critical writing is all about collecting ideas and organizing them in a better way that may direct to the conclusion of your essay. Sometimes it may be questioned because the essay plan should be required. The fact regarding the educational writing and also any kind of writing is that writing is a complicated practice in which the ideas cannot flow from your brains as you want. Still, if anyone have the essential ideas, then it is essential to build up a plan for organizing it very well. Though, not every type of writing needs starting with a plan. In majority of academic writing such as writing a college essay or requests, you may be asked to organize a plan first then further proceed it (Jordan, 1980, 123).

Each academic writer knows that sometimes it is hard to find what you want to write and also to discover the resources to compile an essay. You can ...
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