Introduction To Algebra

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Introduction to Algebra

Introduction to Algebra

Problem 98. 3h²t+6ht+3t


Taking “3t” as the common factor

= 3t (h2+2h+1)

= 3t [h2 + h + h +1]…… (Factoring the polynomial)

= 3t (h+1) (h+1).

Problem 102. -3+2y+21y²


= 21y²+2y-3

=21y2+9y-7y-3…. (Breaking the middle term)

=3y (7y+3) - 1(7y+3)…. (Factoring)

= (3y - 1) (7y+3).

Problem 64. 3x²-17x+10



=3x (x-5) - 2 (x-5)

= (3x - 2) (x-5).

The polynomial must initially be aligned into groups because the grouping of the polynomial makes the calculation easier. The basic procedure which is followed in calculating the above factor polynomials is to first find the GCF of the polynomials that helps to simplify the problem and the ...
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