Investigating How Architects Use To Communicate The Identity In The Public Spaces

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[Investigating how architects use to communicate the identity in the public spaces]



The research question that has been utilized in the development and undertaking of this study is as follows:

Ho: There is no significant relationship between architecture used in public spaces and the culture in the country.

HA: There is a significant relationship between architecture used in public spaces and the culture in the country.


Whenever art and architecture have been discussed a major component of culture and cultural identity has surfaced. Because of the kind of changes that occur in the world today, it becomes relatively difficult to relate art and culture on one unified platform. However, it order to analyze the kind of historic patterns and the achievement that the country has achieved on a mass scale, it has been suggested that people and places usually tend to make way for the development and creation of different sculptures for the purpose and objective of creating the world as we see today. When the culture, conversely, pertains to contradict some aspect of the company's direction, performance targets, operations or strategy, the culture, undoubtedly, becomes a stumbling block that implies successful strategy implementation and execution. Culture is defined a set of customs, norms, traditions and ceremonies that have been practiced unanimously by the public and the people of the country and that have been passed on from generation to generation. The beliefs, vision, objectives and business approaches and practices underpinning a company's strategy towards team development may be compatible with its culture or they may not. When they are, the culture becomes a valuable ally in strategy implementation and execution. Culture has always played a pivotal role in the development and establishment of the kind of changing dynamics and the trends prevalent in the country currently occurring and taking place. Generally the most important facets are being defined and identified with the kind of culture and history countries have experienced and tend to make way for making way to relate to those events in the form of art. Art and Architecture have run and become an integral part of the kind of changes that individuals shall make way for the purpose and objective of creating a much clearer, vivid picture, which helps individuals understand and identify the kind of changes that communicate what had previously had happened to the people of that specific country.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, a new wave of Anglo-American artists arrived in the Southwest. Trained in fine-arts traditions, they desired to live out their lives as artists serving as lenses through which the beauty of the physical world and human experience might be filtered. Particularly and popularly entitled, public art is a term that embraces traditional monuments, national memorials, civic murals, and almost any art that exists in a nonprivate location. The paper also focuses upon the two broad categories of differentiation; one narrates the kind of paintings and architectural structures which were being built and developed in the midst of creating and ...
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