Iran And United States

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Iran and United States

Iran and United States


This paper intends to discuss the case of Islamic Republic of Iran and United States of America. The case I am referring to is related Oil Platforms found in Iran and the viewpoint of United States on it. The case was presented in the International Court of Justice. This particular paper will focus on the claims made by the Iranian government.


The case of oil platforms between the two nations of Iran and United States of America represents one of the most important cases dealt by the International Court of Justice. The case related to oil platforms was basically the reaction of the underlying destruction of multiple oil platforms belonging to Iran. The government of Iran claimed that United States Navy destructed three offshore oil platforms during the warships. This destruction was the result of military actions of United States towards Iran.

The most important aspect of the case was the underlying legal proceedings in relation with the International Court of Justice. All the legal proceedings and the underlying verdict were not based upon the general international law. However, the case focused on the bilateral trade agreement that was signed between the governments of Iran and United States. The agreement is commonly known as the Treaty of Amity, Economic and Consular Rights between the United States of America and Iran (ICJ, 2004).

Iran filed the case in 1992 regarding the claims of the destruction of its oil platforms. After almost eleven years, in 2003 the International Court of Justice rejected the claims of Iranian government at core. The government of Iran claimed that this destruction is a mere breach of the Treaty of Amity and overall international law.

The government of Iran claimed that the attack of naval forces of United States destructed a huge building of the economic zone of Islamic Republic. Moreover, the government of Iran also claimed that almost hundred and more producing wells and platforms that were extremely essential to the oil industry of Iran were hurt due to these attacks. Three platforms were completely obliterated and various others were destroyed (

On the other side, United States claimed that the naval attacks were clearly justified in the sense of self defense. Moreover, the United States also claimed that these attacks were a measured response and the announcement was made in advance. However, Iran suggested that the attacks on platforms is completely unjustifiable and an open violation of the underlying international laws and rules and more importantly the Treaty of Amity.

The government of Iran also claimed that the attacks by the United States on the series of installations related to oil within the Persian Gulf owned by the Iranian authorities resulted in extensive damages and killings. Innocent civilians were killed and many were injured out of these unlawful attacks and the monetary impact of these attacks was even greater on the economy of Iran. The attacks were no impactful that the various installations were ruined completely and the remaining is still ...
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