Irish Social Issues

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Current Social Issues in Ireland

Current Social Issues in Ireland


Ireland is a parliamentary country, officially known as the Republic of Ireland, is a member state of the European Union. There are many problems which are dominating the state of Ireland. They mainly include policy issues, political problems and the social problems dominating the Irish state currently.

There are countless social problems occurring in the country of Ireland. They include the people being homeless in the country, breaking down of families, using drugs, and lack of trust among the people (Davenport, 2010). A series of social problems caused by several factors include modern society faces problems of over-population in the cities which means, lack of employment, difficulties in obtaining employment, need for skilled jobs, low wages, competitiveness, poor teach competence, expensive education, lack of opportunities for young people , etc. Large cities generate insecurity, lack of public services, housing expensive and scarce, and few or poor transportation, poor roads, expensive and poor public services, poor health care facilities, education, too migration of rural people without means and education, etc. (Woodcock, 2000).

The field faces lack of opportunities for education, to achieve good health, lack of policies to protect children, low investment, lack of markets for goods, no roads, water shortages, deforestation and loss of water sources, loss of workmanship migration worker for the city, etc.

Some of the common social issues are discussed as under:

Contemporary Housing Policy

A social housing scheme, published in 1991, marked a change in attitude, as it expanded social housing program delivery in the new start looking. It calls for a voluntary provision of social housing and cooperative housing movement to play a greater role.

In 1995, social housing, to the future review of the social housing social housing (McGinnity, 2005) previously described operation of the program plan. The Government asked local authorities to further expand through the housing plan to increase production of housing in the community to the year 7000 the new version. It announced a number of improvements to the existing programs and the voluntary housing sector to support continued development. Nevertheless, from 1995 to 1997 have not increased capital funding constraints, despite the substantial increase in construction costs of housing associations.


The problem of homelessness prevails in almost all of

Ireland nowadays. The experts working in this field are of the opinion that attempting to estimate the number is senseless (Biagini, 2010).First, the population which is homeless is moving and shifting away from the geographical boundaries constantly. Second, because of this variability, any philosophical assessment of the issue must also account for those people who are in grave danger of becoming homeless at any time, and who practice homelessness, due to uncertainty of residence, amount of rent outstanding, joblessness, family break-up, or general inability to cope.

Third, playing the game of numbers could be applicable if the required number of beds were available, the problem of homelessness would be solved. However, this is definitely not the matter. Being homeless does not only mean that one needs a ...
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