Is Any Purpose Served By Creation Stories/Myths Today?

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Is any purpose served by creation stories/myths today?


Creation stories and myths are interpreted differently by different people across the globe. Irrespective of the actual myth or story, the general believe of such stories is that it is an effort to give science or meaning to something which cannot be understood, or that something does not follow the laws of nature of science. Some of the most popular myths or creation stories that we know of today have their origin in things which men trend to give meaning to, with close similarity to animism. To but the thing in perspective, it can be anything except an obsolete part of science (Alan, Pp. 39-50).

Purpose served

Myths and creation stories include characters that are either unexplainable, Gods, superhuman heroes, and or human with unimaginable abilities. It is surprising to see how useful these stories can be if a small study initiates. It is essential to keep in mind that these stories and myths have strong roots influenced from religion, or folkways or norm acceptable by a specific of mainstream society. One of the most obvious functions of creation stories is to promote or condition behavior. It acts as a bench mark of acceptable behavior by either idealizing a story of a hero that portrays the best behavior, or by portraying something terrible that happened when unacceptable behavior happens (Michael, Pp. 1-9).

Why are they being used

The primary purpose of the creation story is to institute models for actions. These stories may also provide a spiritual or cultural understanding. The reason stories are on the flow is because they can be associated with the ability of the stories to detach, or separate oneself from the world and the message it gives. These can act as a beckon of home and support when all is lost, or ...
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