Is Homosexuality Caused By Nature Or Nurture?

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Is homosexuality caused by nature or nurture?


The paper discusses the great debate that whether nature or nurture is responsible for the homosexuality. We will examine the theories and suggestions being put forward by the biologist that homosexuality are attributable to genes to a large extent. Biologist have tried to tilt the argument towards their end by coming up with valid research and observations. On the other hand sociologist have also come up with justifiable observations and rationale that homosexuality is attributable to nurture. Thus by the end of this paper after evaluating both sides we will determine whether one rationale exceeds other, or whether homosexuality is attributable to both nature and nurture.

Is homosexuality caused by nature or nurture?


In modern times, we have witnessed several hot topics which have occupied the minds of the sociobiologists. This has left them wondering to a great extent related to where does these issues originates from and what causes the primarily. Homosexuality is a topic that has captures the imagination of all in recent times. Homosexuality when it first erupted was considered a mental disorder, however a greater look into the origins, causes and developments taking place have changed the notion that Homosexuality is a mental disorder. The roots of Homosexuality could be traced back from Ancient Greece. A great debate exists whether homosexuality is related to genetics or its environmental effects and surroundings of a person which leads to homosexuality. The debate continues as both nature and nurture have scientific environments which support them to a great extent. Both of these sides have valid arguments to a lot of extent and we will be exploring them in depth to find out which side of the argument holds goods as opposed to the other side.

Homosexuality & Nature

According to the Biologist a human child a monkey raised in similar settings will develop with different characteristics, while on the other side social theorists say that twins such as monozygotic are normally reared while the other is isolation for 18 years will to large extent develop differently. Charles Darwin was of the view that humans are not fully aware of the causes of sexuality. Biologist argues that sexual orientation occurs as a human develop, while social theorist states that a person's sexual orientation will get affected based on the environment in which a person is reared. This debate also leads us to topics such as the legality of homosexuality. We are not concerned here with the legality of homosexuality, but are trying to figure out whether nature or nurture is responsible for homosexuality (Taylor & Tim, 2003).

Biologists have with themselves endocrine evidence and genetic reason to support their notion that homosexuality occurs as a result of biological developments. Biologist started researching on this issue way back in the 1930's, with Alfred Kinsey exploring this issue. He was determined to find out how many males are indulging in homosexuality and what leads them towards homosexuality. As part of the research when people were asked whether they have ...
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