Is Outsourcing Helping Maximise Revenue For 4 Stars Hotel In London

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[Is outsourcing helping maximise revenue for 4 stars hotel in London]



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Outsourcing takes on exceptional importance in the hotel sector. This item will study, from a strategic perspective, the characteristics that hotel activities should own for them to be outsourced. A strategic perspective furthermore needs investigation of the leverage of outsourcing on organizational performance as asserted by the strategic value of the activities. The outcomes will propose that, exception from customary factors, there are other ones, for example undertaking performance, substitutability and transferability, which may work out the decision to outsource. Evidence from the study will suggest that outsourcing has an affirmative leverage on organizational performance. The study will resolve with significances for hotel managers while furthermore assisting to learned literature.

Table of Contents


Background of the study6

Problem Statement6

Research Aims and Objectives6

Rationale/ Nature of the study7

Research Question7

Chapter 2: Literature Review8

Strategic value of undertakings and the propensity to outsource from the resource-based outlook of the firm9



Data collection11

Measurement of variables12

Strategic value of the activity12


Chapter 1: Introduction

Globalization and the competitive natural environment in which today's businesses operate signify that hotels may desire to address outsourcing their service activities. This entails presenting over part of the hotel's activities to expert suppliers who then present those services. New technologies, heritage alterations in clients and fiercer competition, really, an ever-changing environment, are leading inns to decrease the grade of upright integration and aim on their major undertakings, or core competences.

Background of the study

In considering with outsourcing decisions, it should be sharp out that most study has been from the viewpoint of transactional costs theory which has obtained much empirical support in interpreting outsourcing decisions, albeit mostly in the context of non-service industries. Traditionally the study of outsourcing and its determinants has concentrated on financial advances, but in managing so disregards other facets of organizational behaviour that may have an important leverage on the outsourcing decision.

Problem Statement

The problem statement for this study is to analyse the statement that whether outsourcing helps in maximising revenue for 4 stars hotel in London or not?

Research Aims and Objectives

The main research aims and objectives will be to analyse the revenues generated from outsourcing in the hotel industry.

What are the factors that leads to outsourcing and

How it affects the 4 star hotel industries

Whether outsourcing will have a positive impact on organizational performance

Rationale/ Nature of the study

Recently, other perspectives, for example the strategic approach, have assisted interpret outsourcing decisions. In the context of outsourcing, the strategic approach, by investigating the connection between scheme and the environment, examines how a function or an procedure sways the firm's ...
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