Issues With Analysis And Design Of Health Information System In Developing Countries

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Issues with Analysis and Design of Health Information System in Developing Countries



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The government of Nigeria has implemented the Lagos State Health Management Information System so that healthcare services can be made effective and efficient. As far as the health management information system is concerned, it assists in providing a comprehensive Hospital Administration System Database solution so that the operations and practices of the medical services can be managed effectively, and patients in the healthcare facilities can be dealt with efficiently. Furthermore, an effective health information system can play an important role in identifying the issues pertaining to healthcare service delivery.

Table of Contents




Background of Study1

Purpose of Undertaking the Research4

Aims and Objectives5

Significance for Knowledge Gain5

Research Questions5


Health Information Systems7

Role of Information Technology in Healthcare10

Challenges and Issues of HIS in Developing Countries13

Health Policy in Developing Nations14

Healthcare Trends in the development of Health Information Systems15

Demand for Effective Information System in Hospitals17

Conceptual Framework19

Factor 119

Factor 220

Factor 320

Factor 421

Health Issues in Nigeria21

Healthcare Organizations in Lagos23

Key Contributions24



This chapter will seek to provide an understanding about the study in focus. Furthermore, it will discuss the background of the study, purpose of understanding this research, the aims and objectives of the research, significane of the research and research questions..

Background of Study

The research will look to develop a case study about HIS in Lagos State University Teaching Hospital in Nigeria.

In order to ensure effective and immediate delivery of health services, the government of Nigeria has initiated the Lagos State Health Management Information System (HMIS). The health management information system provides an elaborated Hospital Administration System Database solution which streamlines operations and practices, and the flow of patients in healthcare facilities for efficient coordination. Therefore, the system ensures that better services are provided to patients (Aanestad et al. 2005, pp. 169).

The government wants to create an effective service delivery system due to which, the project is in the phase of implementation. The state aims to involve the entire tertiary and secondary hospitals (Braa 2005, pp. 538).

The pilot phase was initiated in the year 2009 at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, (LASUTH), General Hospitals Isolo and Lagos. At present, the project is in its second phase and includes the General Hospitals in Alimosho, Badagry, Ikorodu, Epe, Somolu, Surulere, Gbagada, Orile Agege, Ajeromi and Lagos Island Maternity Hospital. Furthermore, the implemented system makes sure that every patient who is in Lagos State health facility is registered on the system. A patient's record on a central computer system will assist doctors to have the required information about the patient ...
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