It And Jordan Worker's Productivity

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IT and Jordan's Worker Productivity

How does IT influence worker productivity in Jordan?

This study will investigate the relationship between Information Technology and worker's productivity. Private companies in any country and even in the Arab World have recognized the Information Technology's influence to reduce costs. The companies have effectively used IT in their management work and also in their operations to increase efficiency. The efficiencies obtained by the firms help them in maximizing their revenues. The technology even creates an encouraging impact on the economy of the countries. Private organizations have increased the use of IT into their operations. This is the reason why studying the impact of IT on Jordan's worker productivity is important. (Cortes, 2007)

The technological skills these days have made the job of the employees quite easy and the overall productivity of the organization has even increased. The technological innovation is getting further advanced and is even creating a positive impact on the working of employees. The productivity in Departments such as the Research & Development, Finance, Supply Chain operations have shown a tremendous progress because of the usage of IT applications in various companies therefore the impact of IT on the employee's productivity is apparent everywhere. (Becker, 1993)

The technology is an essential area of organizations. The majority of private organizations have an access to the internet including a website and e-mail address. In fact, technology has developed so rapidly in the last decade that many companies failed to meet the minimum requirements of latest technology. In most of the cases, the organizations have not been able to develop the capacity or infrastructure for the utilization of Information Technology. This is the reason why many organizations have started to make use of IT in their routine activities. However, the private companies require help in the implementation of Information Technology in their operations and if some IT companies can help them in developing their systems then it could be very useful for them. (Forester, 2008)

Therefore both the factors of worker's productivity and the utilization of Information Technology have been discussed in detail covering all the aspects which are very important for the analysis. The main topic which needs to be discussed is how the IT influences the Jordan's worker productivity. Indeed, it has become important that the economy of Jordan's needs to be analyzed before covering the overall operations of IT in Jordan's organizations. The economy of Jordan has proved to be tremendously susceptible to region's shocks. The economic crisis was experienced by Jordan during the late 80s which resulted in a general decline in the average incomes, a considerable increase in the poverty level and deteriorating disparity. The government of Jordan reacted to the crisis of economy by enforcing a reform program to improve the structural matters of the economy in order to increase economic growth, decrease trade and fiscal differences and to help the poor people. (Mitchell, 2005)

Therefore, this is a review of Jordan's domestic economic ...
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