It Planning And Infrastructure

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IT Planning and Infrastructure

IT Planning and Infrastructure

Section A

The foremost communication problem faced by the UB's College of Arts and Sciences relates to its non-standard browsers. Coupled with slow servers and contact centers, the problem multiplies to create several information problems, both for the students, and the staff. UB College discussed its problem with two IT vendors FirstSoft and Y3K; they are the market leaders in providing IT solutions. FirstSoft develops for companies, associations and other organizations, individual Database applications and provide IT assistance and solutions regarding different problem. With the rapid changes in technology and global competition more and more present, issues related to software development are now the most important. With this in mind that FirstSoft offers consulting services in software development. With an expertise of more than 10 years in the IT development agency specializes in designing professional websites and customized software. FirstSoft also offers a professional service positioning and referencing website. This agency can help you increase your visibility on the web and optimize your software.

We also offer many additional services in order to submit a complete solution to our customers. Our mission is to create the necessary tools to improve your business performance. They provide the specifications and concept creation and implementation of database applications with MS SQL Server, Oracle or MS Access. The long history of Y3K has added to the implemented work methodology allows them to have different modules reusable solutions when designing a solution tailored to their needs.

This makes their development engineers work together to design a solution in order to determine which modules and which modules can be reused to design and code. Many of their solutions without being called, products have a high degree of reuse so we invite you to tell them their needs in order to let you know based on our experience on development time or possibility of parameterization of any of their solutions existing would require to help them with their needs.

This allows individual companies themselves, using a simple control panel, accessible through a web browser; monitor their account and all telecommunications services. The use of traditional solutions requires more financing and more introducing an organizational difficulties. Companies operating in above mentioned vendors of the assumptions are continuously evolving. This produces an increase needs for telecommunications - additional numbers are needed, new services and efficient monitoring system (Hitt and Brynjolfsson, 1997, pp. 81-101).

Rationale for Selecting FirstSoft

Management at UB College has decided to select FirstSoft as its vendor for providing them solutions for the required problem and future concerns, their solution is a tool designed for the administration of different process control through verification of devices and control points assigned to controls scheduled to run periodically. Developed by industry experts FirstSoft software, and with the support of leading companies in the areas of security, audit and control processes, the solution allows to easily managing scheduled checks, mandatory routine audits as required by e.g. Sarbanes Oxley, ...
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