It Strategies And Recommendation

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IT Strategies and Recommendation

IT Strategies and Recommendation


Examination of the future strategies of any leading company is nearly impossible, until the company reveals it, and prediction can only be made on the basis of assessment of current strategic pattern. Although, evidences are available predicting that often developing companies take inspiration from the strategies of leading companies in order to be successful. In this context, this paper is going to describe the likely future strategy of AT&T, and will ultimately recommend a business and IT strategy for Comcast (a developing company). The paper will also discuss the role IT can play and how Comcast can grow its business by following strategies identical to AT&T.


Comcast Corporation

Comcast Corporation is one of the growing companies of United States with revenues in 2011 reaching to $35.8 billion. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Comcast has substantial holding in different cable networks (including NBC Sports, The Golf Channel, Style Network and E!). Comcast also have majority of stakes in NBCUniversal, a media conglomerate during the year of 2011. In accordance with the present market situation of US mobile, telecom and broadband services provider, the company is competing with AT&T, Sprint, DirecTV and Dish Network. Some of the weak points of Comcast that bar its growth and development are:

Poor response on product and service related issues

Lack of focus on customer services

Poor service delivery


AT&T as a leading company

According to the U.S perspective on the IT strategy, investments and business recovery the growth of the AT&T is based upon the cost, communication and productivity. Some of the key points that define the strategy of the company are:

Decrease cost

Increase market share, customers and business

The priority wise division and strategies of the specialties of the AT&T are:

Advanced Infrastructure

Cloud and Data Center


IT Service Management

Contact Center

Unified Communications

Comparison of Comcast and AT&T

Both companies Comcast and AT&T are leading and competing in the same industry, while Comcast being the largest cable TV operator and third largest internet and telephone service provider of United States. While, AT&T being the largest mobile and fixed telephony provider in US. According the market value of AT&T, the company is 14th largest in the world in accordance with the revenues, while retaining the position of 20th largest mobile telecom operator of the world.

Likely Future Strategy of AT&T

Assessment of the current management practices and company policies of AT&T provides an explicit picture where company is heading. The observations points out that the company is willing to develop new technologies while exploiting the present one, in order to diversify its business portfolio and continue to make profit and become a global company.

IT Service Management of AT&T

IT service management for AT&T is cited as a main factor in the growth and development of the company. In fact, IT service management division of AT&T helps in determining the likely future strategy of the company. The characteristics of AT&T's IT service management are:

Operations Strategy and Roadmap

EMS Technology Strategy and Roadmap

Operations Center Design and Implementation

EMS Technology Architecture and Integration

Reason for the Selection of the Strategy

IT ...
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