J6/Mit Worker Job Satisfaction, Relationship With Management recommendations For The Director

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J6/MIT Worker Job Satisfaction, Relationship with Management

Recommendations for the Director



First of all, it would give me great pleasure to show my gratitude to my professor, for his propositions, remarks, understanding and patience. It would also be an honor to express gratitude to my parents, my mother, my father, my sister and my brother for their endless support in my life and allowing me to make all my decisions. I would also like to take the opportunity to show appreciation to my co-workers for their expert cooperation on every occasion. I would also like to be grateful to the Department, managers of the university, instructors and students who have supported me throughout this research.


I declare that the content presented in this thesis/dissertation is, in my understanding and opinion, original and has not been presented for scholarly assessment in the past, either completely or partly, for an academic degree at this educational institution or elsewhere. I would also like to admit that I have studied and understood the principles, prerequisites, processes and guidelines of the University regarding the higher academic degree research award and to my dissertation. I would also like to declare that I have abided by the University's principles, prerequisites, processes and guidelines.


This primary objective of this research paper is to examine all aspects work environment and how they affect job satisfaction, motivation, organization leadership and peer relations, as senior management strive develop understanding of the drivers of organizational commitment among J6\MIT employees. The first chapter of this research paper will discuss the introduction and background of the research paper. It also contains aims and objectives of the research as well as its logic and reasons. Additionally detailed research questions are also mentioned, to give an analysis of argumentation. The second chapter is literature review which is gathered from secondary sources. The literature review section discusses the concept of job satisfaction for employees in an organization. This research paper will also study the motivators for job satisfaction. The third chapter which is the methodology chapter mentions the type of research method used for this research paper. This research is founded on secondary research methodology. It involves recent publications, articles and similar studies accessible on the internet. Keeping in view the approach taken in earlier studies the research began with a broad analysis of the existing literature. The fourth chapter of this research paper consists of discussion, analysis and findings. The findings & analyses were based on the primary as well as secondary data. Outcomes from the interpretation of the information or data gathered from secondary sources are included in this segment. The findings & analyses are also based on the secondary data. The fifth and last chapter of this research paper consists of the concluding remarks and is founded on all the discussion in the literature review and analysis.








1.1Background of the Study1

1.2Problem Statement3

1.3Research Objective3



1.6Scope of the Research4

1.7Structure of the thesis6

1.7.1Chapter I: Introduction6

1.7.2Chapter II: Literature ...
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