Jacques-Louis David's Marat

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Jacques-Louis David's Marat

Jacques-Louis David's Marat


The Death of Marat (or Marat) is an array of Jacques Louis David painted in 1793. It is kept in the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium (Brussels). Jean-Paul Marat was a French revolutionary, who was murdered at his home on 13th July by Charlotte Corday. Registration To Marat, David found on the wooden box whose shape suggests a tombstone which indicates that it is a tribute to the painter to whom Marat knew personally, and he had seen , the eve of his death, as he represented (in the bathtub where he cared for his skin disease).


Jacques-Louis David's 'Marat' (Masterpieces of Western Painting) the work is edited by William Vaughn and Helen Weston. The book emphasizes on the Jacques-Louis David's 'Marat', which is one of the major work of art that was created in the time of the French revolution. This work of art is considered as one of the significant piece of work of western paintings. This book is divided into some of the chapters in which an introduction is provided that explains an overview of the painting history; there are also some of the six new essays which are specifically written for this edition of the book. It also examines the contribution from several different methodologies that contains approaches from material analysis, psychoanalytic and feminist. All of the essays explain an in-depth analysis and understandings of painting, the situation in which the painting was painted and was commissioned at its historical reception of art which was prevailed over couple of years.

Description of the Painting

The painting is oil paint on canvas 128 by 165 cm. Set against a background of green-brown; the body of conventional Jean-Paul Marat is depicted dying. Head wrapped in a white turban was tilted to the side. His right hand hanging holds a pen and his left arm rests on the edge of a board covered with a green cloth, hand holding a written sheet. The body is leaning against the bathtub which is covered with a white sheet stained with the blood of the victim at his feet is a white-handled knife stained with blood. At the right side of the painting is placed a block of wood on which are placed an inkwell, a second pen, and another sheet of paper. At the bottom of the block, the work is signed at Marat David the two years.

Death of Marat was also painted by some other painters that included Charlotte Corday which was painted by Paul Baudry in 1860, that was almost right after the century after the death of Marat and at the time of the second empire. The painting was executed at the time when “Black Legend” of Marat was prevailed between educated people, and it has portrayed Charlotte Corday like a perfect heroine of France and as a representation of virtue for the younger generation.

Analysis of the Painting

The value of the work is to be able to transform a murder into a universal masterpiece that transcends ...
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