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Question No. 1

Training on the one hand, is the plan that aligns with strategic business objectives, to provide employees motivation and knowledge and skills to carry out the job requirements. In turn, the development involves learning that goes beyond training for the workplace, and has a long-term positive impact on organization. On the other hand it meets ongoing requirements of the market, customers, companies which will improve the overall performance. It is the strategic goal to achieve greater efficiencies through training and development in all organizations. Well-planned training considered an investment rather than an expense. Training programs strengthen customer satisfaction, contribute to organizational development, and impact positively on the financial results.

As the goal of the JBK is to maintain safety at each level, it is very important that they all necessary steps to ensure safety. JBK believe in safety of its employees as well as the safety of its customers. Company's objective is to transfer products from place to another without any accidents and incidents. Company believes that their drivers obey all the safety laws and rules in order to prevent any mishap. For this reason training is very important for every individual. As safety is the first priority of JBK, it is very important that each driver should understand the objectives of company and perform accordingly. To maintain safety and ensure that there will be no accidents while transfer of products from one place to another it is very important that each perform his task efficiently and effectively.

Training at JBK is very much related to its organizational needs. As company believes in safety first, it started an efficient training program of six days, which really train the new employees to become familiar with all the systems and techniques in order to become safe driver. It started from understanding of ...