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Jehovah Witnesses Religion Site


The Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses (better known by the name of its members: Witnesses of Jehovah) is a religious denomination headquartered in Brooklyn, New York (United States) and originated by Charles Taze Russell in the nineteenth century. He claims to be a restoration of primitive Christianity based on the inspired interpretation of the Bible. His best-known publications are the magazines 'The Watchtower' (published continuously since 1879, currently in 195 languages) and 'Awake!' (Published in more than 84 languages), distributed and publicly funded through donations. According to the "Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses 2012", which records activity for the service year 2011 (September 2010 to August 2011), these publications are distributed in 236 countries and territorial entities. The publisher's maximum in 2011 was 7,659,019, an increase of 2.4 percent compared to 2010. They are mainly known for their worldwide preaching work. Because of its strict neutrality in political and military affairs, their activities have been banned in some countries. This paper focuses on the study of religion, ethnicity, and gender, by visiting a religious site from the communal time, along with the identification of the concept of scripture and mapping discourse.

Thesis Statement

The Jehovah Witnesses claim to restoration of first-century Christianity, though there are no similarities in the religious beliefs, gender roles and ethnic background of the Jehovah Witnesses with that of Christianity in the modern world.


Religious Beliefs, Gender and Ethnicity

Religious Beliefs

After visiting the Jehovah Witness religious site, it can be said that Jehovah's Witnesses base all their beliefs in the Bible, and regard it as the only source of reference in doctrinal matters. Preferably used for this New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures, but also cite and use other translations. In the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures commonly used the name Yahweh, which in other editions of the Bible translators have chosen to pour the tetragrammaton of the Hebrew name of God as “Yahweh" or replace it with titles like"God", "Lord" or "Lord". They believe that God's name is sacred and very important to get to know our Creator. They claim to worship one God: Jehovah, and identify themselves as followers of a single leader, Jesus Christ. Moreover, they regard Jesus as powerful son of God, but not God Almighty identifies him with the archangel Michael, mentioned among other passages in Daniel, where he has been mentioned as "the great prince" (Holden, p. 22).

They believe that the kingdom of God under Jesus Christ sanctify Jehovah's right to rule over all creation and that the planet will become a paradise where everyone will live forever live in harmony with God's standards. They are known for preaching active in their beliefs; they call the good news of the Kingdom from house to house, although they do in any circumstance in which they testify feasible beliefs. They consider it a Christian duty (Holden, p. 22). They tend to limit their social contact with people outside their religion, but not become a group separatist because its main purpose is evangelism ...
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