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Jesus according to scripture

Jesus according to scripture

Jesus according to scripture


Darrell Bock is a well-known professional in the Gospels, and in Jesus as asserted by Scripture he presents a comprehensive investigation of the portrait of Jesus from each Gospel as well as a theological synthesis of Jesus' note and trade as the Gospels depict him. Here we have a much more fulsome and cooperative portrait of Jesus than is suggested in numerous latest treatments of the chronicled Jesus. Neither an assistance to historical-Jesus study neither an accepted textbook on the Gospels, this is a common-sense yet academically acquainted commentary--first on a synopsis of Matthew, Mark, and Luke and then on John. Laypersons, theological scholars, and pastors requiring a reconsider course will substantially advantage from it. In numerous modes, Jesus as asserted by Scripture is a successor to Dwight Pentecost's Words and Works of Jesus, and a worthy one indeed!"--Craig L. Blomberg, Denver Seminary "This publication is a magnificent illustration of the worth of canonical criticism.

The author's large information of chronicled condemnation is here engaged in a study that takes the last pattern of the biblical texts as a scholarly unity. Bock's work has a magnificent balance between a esteem for the uniqueness of each Gospel and an admiration of the general harmony in the portrait of Jesus supplied for the church."--C. Stephen Evans, Baylor University "This publication drives scholars to the texts of the four canonical Gospels; fights back their chronicled reliability; interpretively distinguishes the Synoptics from John in the major, but rather from each other as well; and harmonizes all of them as much as possible. Teachers of techniques on the life of Jesus who desire a textbook that combines these advances are probable to find here just what they're looking for."--Robert Gundry, Westmont College "In this publication Darrell Bock has carried out for Evangelical theology what the late Raymond Brown accomplished for its Catholic counterpart: a discerning synthesis of the scholarship of his colleagues with the anxieties of a canonical reading of Scripture. The outcome is a readable textbook that values the exegetical diversity of the Gospels while emphasizing the harmony of their inherent witness."--Bruce Chilton, Bard College "Rooted in spectacular scholarship and in writing with outstanding clarity, Bock's production of Jesus' life and educating will be of large assist to pastors, Christian managers, and scholars of Scripture.


Among those efforts that have garnered the most attention in the last decade is the Jesus Seminar, which claims to be representative of New Testament scholarship but, in fact, is not. For a variety of reasons, it has failed to receive the wide recognition it claimed it represented. First, the Seminar failed to represent a balanced cross section of New Testament scholarship, something Richard Hays of Duke pointed out in a review years ago. Second, its use of sources was tainted by its early placement of Thomas in the line of tradition, treating what most regard as an early second-century document as a mid-first-century ...
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