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Jesus & Mohammed

Jesus & Mohammed

Jesus Christ

His life

Jesus or Christ was born in 6BC in Jerusalem. He was known as a Jewish Preacher and the founder of the Christian religion, whose followers believe him as the son of God. Christ's name in Greek means "appointed one" and it becomes a title equivalent to Messiah. The life of Jesus is told in the Gospels written by some of the early Christians. Jesus was born in an impoverished family in Nazareth, son of Joseph and Mary. The Christian civilization has imposed the count of years from the supposed moment of his birth (which would begin with the first year of our era), it is known that he was born a little earlier. It was in the days of King Herod, who died in 4 BC. By the age, of 30 Jesus began his brief public life by joining the preaching of his cousin, John the Baptist. After listening to his sermons, Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River, at which John is said as the incarnation of the Messiah promised by God to Abraham. John was arrested and executed by Herod Antipas. At that time, Jesus stopped preaching him.

He went mainly to the masses, among which recruited a group of faithful followers (the twelve apostles) with whom he toured Palestine. He preached a review of the Jewish religion based on love of neighbor, detachment from material goods, forgiveness and hope of eternal life. His teachings are simple and poetic parables, punctuated by announcing a future of salvation for the poor. His popularity increased when news ran the miracles attributed to his followers, taken as proof of the supernatural powers of Jesus Christ. This popularity, coupled with direct accusations against the moral hypocrisy of the Pharisees (Crossan, 1998).

After his death

After the crucifixion of Jesus, his disciples were devastated. They betrayed him to save their own lives. They were willing to give their lives to tell the story of Jesus to the world. Many were tortured and killed for proclaiming the risen Christ. Skeptics and enemies were also transformed. The younger brother of Jesus, James, did not think Jesus was anybody special. His brother appear raised, not only believed Jesus was Lord but became the leader of the Jerusalem church and died a martyr in 62 AD.

The power of Christ knows no barriers of time or space. The love of Christ not only impels Christians to face persecution and death but also to work to make this world a better place. Mother Teresa was an excellent example of a life poured out in service to Christ. Like her, many others have dedicated their lives to serving the poor and despised in their countries and outside them.

Ways of worship

Jesus was worshipped by those who were aware of his miracles. The Bible on numerous occasions consists of events where people worshipped Jesus by throwing themselves at his feet or praising him verbally. Christians continued to worship Jesus considering him as the son of God as highlighted ...
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