Jesus' Healing Miracles

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Annotated Bibliography: “Jesus' Healing Miracles”

Annotated Bibliography: “Jesus' Healing Miracles”

Following are some of the sources on the topic “Jesus' Healing miracles”, critically evaluating each topic covered within each given source. This annotated bibliography is followed by a summary, which will further elaborate our agreement or disagreement with the lessons of the sources as well as the assessment of how we see our arguments developing in relation to the sources that have been evaluated.

Source 1: “Christ Jesus' healing method”, Christian Science Monitor, (July 28, 1995), p. 17.

This source identifies the healing mechanisms and powers of Jesus, which were totally dependent on the obedience to God. The source critically evaluates the miracles Jesus had, for healing even the most serious diseases by simply “turning to God” and reinforces our belief in God for all the solutions to our troubles. The source gives us the valuable lesson that every misfortune and disease has its only solution in the Word of God, and one can only attain eternal bliss if he truly submits himself to His will. The author makes some justifiable claims, according to which, God's plan of healing the miseries of His creation can simply be understood if we devote ourselves to spiritual understanding rather than engaging in the material world. The author also suggests that Jesus taught healing to his disciples, and they practiced these healing skills over others who suffered from any disease whatsoever. He then concludes that healing is learnable and teachable.

The author is a Christian and in his work, he addresses the people who have thorough knowledge and command over Christianity since he does not elaborate the key terms of the literature and assumes that the reader knows about them. At some points in this literary works, we find traces of bias opinions and prejudices on the part of the author. The author does not put forth any acknowledgements for others' points of view and the author is oblivious of the other works done in the same theme. According to various other sources, it is a Holy spirit (as per the will of God) that chose people upon His own discretion and bestowed upon them miracles to cure diseases and heal the miserable humanity instead of the Jesus teaching them these powers and skills. In this context, the author oversimplifies the ability to perform miraculous healing and presents it as a very ordinary influence over humanity, while miraculous healing has its own uniqueness and is bestowed only to a chosen few. On the other hand, if one can learn to perform healings, people would not spend ten years to become a doctor. The author does not conclude the study on an authentic note to the context of miraculous healing and seems to be generalizing the concepts way too much.

Source 2: Carter, W. (2010). “Jesus' healing stories: imperial critique and eschatological anticipations in Matthew's gospel”. Currents in Theology and Mission, 37(6), 488-496.

With regard to the healing powers of Jesus, Carter exemplifies the significance of material transformations ...
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