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Jet Fan Technology Ltd Business plan

Jet Fan Technology Ltd Business plan


The company is JetFan Technology, a non-listed public company, engaged in the manufacturing of innovative electronic cooling impellers. The extensive use of technology has resulted in the company's emergence as the leading manufacturer of impellers for its clients. The firm has targeted the electronic cooling equipment segment and desires to supply customized and innovatively designed impellers to the potential buyers. The company has also shown its interest in forming an alliance with its stakeholders, enabling the firm to gain more ground in this technology-oriented market of fans (JetFan Technology Limited 2011, 1).

Business plan

The Business Plan is a document that contains detailed plans for the launch or development of existing business. This document is used to describe the business objectives and strategies, as well as providing financial planning and marketing plans. The main objective of developing a business plan is planning about the economic activities of the company for the nearest and remote periods in accordance with market needs and the ability to obtain necessary resources. Other objectives of the business plan may be different, for example: to understand the degree of reality to achieve the intended results, the alleged justification for the company and evaluate the results over time, to clarify the course of action to manage the enterprise, business plan can be used as a means of obtaining the necessary investments, it informs investors about the status of the entrepreneur proves the desirability of a form of management, business plan is a kind of document that insures the success of the proposed business. The company's management and its investors have a clear idea about the stages of execution of tasks in the enterprise and the development of relations with the enterprise market. One of the provisions for which prepared a business plan is to attract investors in the venture, but apart from that he is still a lot of useful properties that can be applied to the enterprise (Jinnett 2008, 10).

Strengths of business plan

Various markets identified

Jet fan has identified various market products to cater along with new introduced technology which are compact electronic equipment cooling which include portable computers chip set cooling; heating, ventilation and cooling and domestic appliances. They also offer products like fiber optical light source cooling, hairdryers, hand dryers, vacuum cleaners and ceiling fans (Tabarra 1995, 35).

Alliances with leading manufacturers

To install compact electronic equipment cooling technology in the market, the organization is being ally with top manufacturers of fan. This is to be done to commercialize the impeller technology.

Expansion of growth

Currently producing 350 million impellers, the company is expecting a market share of 2.85% which then would be able to produce 625 million impellers (Covello 2007, 33).

Unique Advantage

The trend and technology to merge trimness, power and efficiency in computer chips has a lot of demand in the market. The organization, JetFan ltd has positioned itself uniquely through which it can easily cater this ...
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