Job Design And Scheduling

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Job Design and Scheduling

Job Design and Scheduling

Name and justify several factors that Hoffman could use in forecasting weekly sales.

For forecasting weekly sales Hoffman should analyze financial planning. Financial planning is the projection of sales, income and assets on the basis of alternative production strategies, marketing and the identification of resources needed to achieve these projections. Financial control is the implementation phase in which financial plans are implemented. Monitoring is the process of feedback and adjustment required to ensure that plans are followed and to modify the existing plans due to unforeseen changes (O'Connor, William, 1997).

There are several factors to take into account a forecast of sales and these include the projections based on historical growth, the forecast level of economic activity of the company, the market distribution of each area production and distribution capacity of the company, the capabilities of the competitors, and new product introductions from both the company and its competitors. Advertising campaigns, promotional discounts, credit terms, and sales also affect and therefore, the likely developments that may arise within these areas are considered significant factors.

Reason's target = actual fixed assets / sales to full capacity

Fixed assets / sales

Required level's target ratio =

Fixed assets of fixed assets projected sales

When there is excess capacity, the growth of sales at full capacity can occur without any increase in fixed assets and sales are going beyond that growth will require additions of fixed assets.

Computerized financial planning models

Most of these models are based on a spreadsheet program like Lotus 1-2-3, and they have two main advantages (Sanders, Karl, 2003):

It is much faster to build a spreadsheet model to make a manual forecast, especially when the forecast is extended beyond two or three years.

We can recalculate the financial statements and the reasons for changing projections by including just one of the input variables, in such a way that makes it feasible to the administrators to determine the effects of changes in variables such as sales.

What can be done to lower turnover in large restaurants?

In order to lower the turnover rate in large restaurants, these factors should be kept in mind:

Uncompetitive pay rates

Survey or order a study of wages, and compare the data with enterprise data. Revisit rates where they are lower and where they are higher because overpayment as well as surcharge, is not fraught with economic losses. Spend or ask for similar studies on other benefits such ...
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