John F. Kennedy Assassination

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John F. Kennedy Assassination

John F. Kennedy Assassination


Murder of the thirty-fifth U.S. President John F. Kennedy committed on Friday 22 November 1963 in Dallas (State of Texas ) at 12:30 local time. Kennedy was fatally wounded by a shot from a rifle, when he and his wife Jacqueline in a presidential motorcade was traveling on Elm Street.

Murder in the ten months investigating a specially convened commission headed by the chairman of the U.S. Supreme Court Earl Warren (" Warren Commission "), which concluded that the murder was committed by a lone culprit Lee Harvey Oswald . Subsequent official investigations have confirmed that the assassin was Oswald, but probably behind him were some conspirators. There are a number of theories questioning the conclusions of the Warren Commission and representing alternative versions of the murder, including the U.S. conspiracy or the Soviet secret police, but none of them have been proven. Opinion polls show that an overwhelming majority of Americans (over 70%) did not believe the official version of the murder.


Someone call a Catholic priest to the operating room and right there gives the last rites. Doctors and have certified a few minutes before his death. By order of Vice President Johnson introduced the corpse in a coffin and carried with surprising speed to Love Field airport. In the president's aircraft, the famous Air Force 1, there is one of the grim scenes of intimate history of the United States. Lyndon B. Johnson takes oath in the cramped cabin flanked by the widow of the deceased whose remains lay JFK still hot in a coffin placed in the same room (Karlyn, 1997)

Just an hour before Dallas police has arrested the prime suspect. This is Lee Harvey Oswald, a young New Orleans procastristra former Marine and member. The evidence found in the book store that is located on the Elm Street entrance corroborates the involvement of Oswald. One rifle, several boxes as a barricade were at the door and three caps. The unfortunate also is accused of murdering a policeman when he fled the scene. The country is stirred by the stupid pain of the crime and has proved vulnerable to its highest institution. Nobody understands it as phone calls across the country frantically from side to side. Who killed the president? Who organized a public execution of this magnitude?

In late November, and President Johnson establishes the creation of a commission by Chief Justice Earl Warren. Nothing should be excluded from the directory chosen. The seven commissioners are striving to systematize the evidence and conduct interrogations crowd to finish the job before the 1964 presidential election. And they get it. In September the following year, ten months after the assassination, the Commission makes its findings public. Oswald acted alone, fired three bullets and was not part of any conspiracy to assassinate the president. A part of the country felt a comforting sense of relief; the other took the Warren Report with skepticism (Mark, 1966). 

The first sword was broken in research conducted in New Orleans prosecutor Jim Garrison, research, moreover, that has passed into history thanks to JFK, the Oliver ...
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