John F. Kennedy's Presidential Address

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John F. Kennedy's presidential address


Kennedy kindled an eternal and everlasting beacon light or America through his inaugural address in 1980. His address invokes an approach for altruism, leadership and guidance for the USA in centuries to come.


An advocate of change

The address specifically addresses the global position of the United States. It emphasizes the place of US as a global leader, and thus emphasizes to negotiate with Soviet Union to end the prevalence of injustice and dominance over the European region, and close the chapter of World War (Power, n.d.). He was an ambassador of change. He begins with “celebration of freedom” whereas, promising to adhere to the founding values of the US, when stated “our fore bearers describe a century and three quarters ago” (Power, n.d.). Kennedy emphasizes America to change and renew when he says “we are the first heirs of that revolution” (Power, n.d.). He emphasized US, to globalize the ideal of Liberty, and to make this world a much better place. Kennedy gave the spot light to US foreign policy to play its role pertaining to after effects of World War II, and eradicate injustice on the global scale (Power, n.d.). Since, the European continent was still suffering from post subsequent war issues. Independent nation states were made, and Europe was facing huge financial obstacles in growth as a result of prolonged cold war.

Vision to lead to liberty

He calls out the traditional allies of the United States and proposes a vision to lead the world. He aspires to assist and guide nations towards liberty and freedom. He affirms that United States has to play a fundamental and significant part in re building the world (Power, n.d.). Kennedy vision was to acclaim US position in globalism and affirm it through involvement and betterment of the world, ...
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