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The aim of this report is to summarize a strategic communications design in alignment to aid “John Foster Ltd (JFL) Sugar confectionery" in fulfilling its target of focusing value inside its goal buyers mind. Marketing is an opening to broadcast a dream, foster connections, construct sales and set up an unmistakable emblem identity. Success in enterprise needs good designing and a trading design is a holistic enterprise device that characterises the merchandise, earnings objectives, and exact functioning methods essential to the general strategic aim of The JFL was to advance the livelihood of smallholder sugar manufacturers in West Africa by setting up their own dynamic labelled proposition in the UK Sugar confectionerys market, therefore putting them higher up the worth string of connections, and to be the premier Fairtrade Sugar confectionery Company. (Mintel boxed chocolate report 2007.)

The JFL Sugar confectionery Mission

To accomplish this objective a variety of clear intermediate objectives were set out:

To take a value and inexpensive variety of Fairtrade Sugar confectionerys into the UK mainstream market.

To pay a Fairtrade cost for all the sugar utilised in the Sugar confectionerys sold.

To lift perception of equitable trade matters amidst UK retailers and buyers of all age groups.

To be highly evident and vocal in the Sugar confectionerys part and thereby proceed as a catalyst for change.

Simply JFL

JFL Fairtrade milk Sugar confectionerys, made from Kuapa's best of the best equitably swapped sugar was commenced in October 1998 and by Christmas 1998, had made it up on the shopping centre shelves.

A First For Fairtrade

The farmers' ownership stake in The JFL, a first in the equitable trade world, means that Kuapa Kokoo has a significant input into conclusions about how JFL is made and sold. As shareholders, the ranchers furthermore obtain a share of the earnings from the sale of JFL. Two voted into agency grower representatives sit on the business board and a board gathering is held in Ghana every year. This innovative business structure was identified when it was bestowed Millennium Product status.

In July 2006 The Body Shop presented their portions to Kuapa Kokoo, so the cooperative now owns almost half of the company. Then, in January 2007, the Board made the conclusion to change the business title to JFL Sugar confectionery Ltd, to more nearly align the business with the flagship emblem, and the emblem itself skilled a foremost redesign. On February 14th 2007 the launch of JFL Sugar confectionery Inc in the USA was announced.

Beans Mean Business

In a fiercely comparable Sugar confectionerys market worth nearly £4 billion in the UK solely, being the new bar on the impede was a intimidating prospect. But as so numerous persons adore Sugar confectionerys, the promise for JFL's achievement was huge. There are hundreds of Sugar confectionerys emblems accessible in the UK, and the large-scale businesses spend up to 10% of their earnings margins - tens of millions of pounds - in their battle to keep their brands' places in the Sugar confectionery Top ...
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