Jonestown Massacre

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Jonestown Massacre


On November 18, 1978 in Jonestown, Guyana, 276 children died of cyanide along with more than six hundred other people in a hideous ritual of collective suicide. They were all members of the Temple of the people of the "Reverend" Jim Jones, whose magnetic charisma he had induced to an act as extreme as perverse in its absolute lack of any logic that is not the annihilation of the total own and others' be. It was a horrible massacre, marked by conduct inhuman, cruel and contrary to all the laws of nature.


November 20, 1978 the world was shocked by the massacre in Jonestown. From 18 to 19 November in the colony in Guyana (South America) have been shot, stabbed and poisoned 918 U.S. citizens. However, even today, few people know that, in fact, these people were not the Americans. De facto victims were citizens of the USSR.

Nothing about the fact that all the facts testified about the murder, the U.S. mainstream media ("New York Times", "Associated Press", etc.), immediately called the tragedy "mass suicide." The official version of the tragedy, described in the U.S. and then the world's media is well known. On it, a Jim Jones announced his prophetic ability to heal and made in Jesus. This caught them in an organized community "Peoples Temple" many members. All dissent is suppressed. Entered in the "Peoples Temple" could not voluntarily leave. Apostasy punishable by death and damnation. Being totalitarian, communities need isolation, the Iron Curtain. That is the reason for emigration, "Peoples Temple" in Guyana. There was a colony of Johnstown - Town of Jones. The colony had a chain of command. At the bottom are the ordinary members of the community, and above them was a "temple Planning Commission" - the followers of Jones marked achievements. Higher still are "12 Angels." Pyramid crowned himself Jim Jones. He had a "bodyguard", "death squads" and "service order".

Jones cult flourished, but then he started clouding his mind. At this point in Guyana Congressman Leo Ryan arrived with a group of journalists to get a first look at how to ensure the rights of American citizens in the colony. During the visit, he reveals the fanatical motivated, trying to escape and take a group of colonists, but Jones sends chase, shooting and that the fugitives, and congressman. Jones then orders all sectarian suicide. Those who do not want to die, killed. The U.S. army and the CIA tried to save the sectarians, but came too late.

This story and the world was offered as an explanation for the shocking shots, where among the tropical vegetation were hundreds of bodies of men, women and children. How they were killed. November 7, 1978 in the Soviet Embassy in Guyana, hosted a reception in honor of the anniversary of the October Revolution. Among the 300 guests were six of the "Peoples Temple." Their presence has caused excitement among American diplomats. The reason for concern - the intention of the manual "Peoples Temple" to move ...
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