José Clemente Orozco

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José Clemente Orozco


This is the research paper regarding to a very renowned, devoted and thought-provoking Mexican Muralist “José Clemente Orozco”. This paper examines the work that is being produce by the brush of Orozco in order to set up a widespread view of Orozco and his legacy. The discussion will be based on the complete life of Orozco including a brief history of his early life, his achievements, highlighting his qualities and discussing his abilities. Moreover, his devotion to working, the soundness in his profession and the movement that was being raised by him and his two companions. The culture of painting in Mexico came from the ancient Mayans. They use to draw the portraits of the events and incidents. The Orozco was very much inspired by the art that is being in the culture of Mexican heritage.

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Childhood, Early Life and Training 4

Professional Years 5

Murals 7

The Mexican Muralists Movement 7

Achievements 9

Conclusion 9

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José Clemente Orozco


Orozco, the most dominant and dedicated muralist believes that the best way to represent the Mexican culture was creating murals. His work reflects the revolution of Mexico and traditions and customs that are being followed in Mexico. He always considered expressing the truth and realism in his portraits. He was very well aware by the huge gulf between social morals and social realities. He focused to present personal sufferings in the most compassionate and concerned way. One of the most important factor that is being reflected through the murals and portraits of Orozco was poverty and prostitution. Orozco was always concern to reflect the bitter realities of the society through his powerful paintings. The most amazing thing about this awful painter is that he used to paint with one hand. His one hand had lost in an accident. Despite of his murals, also he produce the graphical work but in a limited number especially when he was in Europe and United States. His graphic work was the extension of his larger social works. Printmaking is the most important and popular art in Mexico. He was deeply inspired by Picasso.


Childhood, Early Life and Training

José Clemente Orozco opened his eyes in the world on November 23rd, 1883 in Ciudad Guzman, Mexico. He was born in to a middle-class family. Orozco started taking an interest in art in 1890, when his family shifted to Mexico City. On his way to school, he was stuck to an open workshop of José Guadalupe Posada, the fist printmaker in Mexico. Posada's illustrations appeared to be one of the classic illustrations as it highlights in reporting crime scenes and political scandals. Orozco was deeply inspired by the brilliant work of Posada and remained motivated and immensely inspired with him trough-out his life.

Orozco started taking drawing classes in the night shift at the Academy of San Carlos for Fine Arts, Mexico City. By the end of 1890's, his classes of arts had been interrupted in the fort of his father's wish to become an agronomist and later ...
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