Judaism, Islam, And Christianity

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Judaism, Islam, and Christianity

Judaism, Islam, and Christianity


The Judaism is Jewish religion or belief, tradition and culture of the Jewish people. It is the oldest religion of the three monotheistic religions most widespread (along with Christianity and Islam) and also known as "religions of the book". There is no single body to structure and set the dogmatic content of Judaism. Its practices are based on the teachings of the Torah (the Pentateuch), comprising five books, as its name indicates. The Torah is one of the three books that comprise the Tanakh (Old Testament, according to Christianity), which is attributed to divine inspiration (Lewis, 1995).

Main characteristics


The main feature of the Jewish faith is belief in one God, omniscient, omnipotent and provident, that would have created the universe and chosen people to reveal Jewish law contained in the Ten Commandments and the ritual prescriptions of the third and fourth books of theTorah. Consequently, such rules derived from texts and oral traditions are the guide of life of the Jews, though their observance varies greatly from one group to another (Lewis, 1999).


Jewish prayer house is called a synagogue and it is customary to gather at the same time the three daily prayers (Shacharit, Mincha and Ma'ariv), on weekends and holidays. The most important rules and rituals of Jewish tradition are performing the circumcision of children at eight day after birth, the Shabbat (Sabbath) is the holy day dedicated to rest and rest, food taboos (beef pork) and the ceremony of initiation into adulthood at age 13 (Bar-Mitzvah). Although Judaism is a missionary religion, non-Jewish people can join to have undergone a process of conversion and after stating that they are willing to accept the yoke of the commandments and that they wanted to join the Jewish nation. Judaism also see a Jew who is not a spiritual role in the world, and thus rests on anyone who is not Jewish obligation to seven commandments, called " Seven Laws" (including the prohibition to work idolatry and various commandments Between man and man) (Cowling, 2005).

Important event of Judaism

Easter: celebrates the Jewish exodus, when they were Egyptian. When passing the red sea and settle in the Promised Land. The celebration begins on 14 "Nissan", first month of Jewish calendar. Furthermore, Shabahat is a day of rest and it held on Saturday (Abbas, 2007).


Jews identify themselves using two symbols, Magen David and seven-branched candelabrum. The lamp described in the Bible lamp was first in home and then in the temple. It already appeared as a symbol of the Jews in ancient times (Zuckermann, 2006).


The Islam (means submission to God) is the religion based on the Quran and followers of Islam believe that Quran was sent from heaven by Allah through the Prophet Muhammad. Muslims believe that Muhammad is the last prophet ("Seal of the Prophets") and most view in hadiths, about the life and deeds of Muhammad that is known as a major tool for interpreting the Quran. Islam began in the seventh century in Arabia under the leadership of Muhammad (Zuckermann, 2006).

Main Characteristics


Muslims, followers of Islam, believe that the Quran is the preexisting and perfect word of ...
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