Julius Caesar

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an essay analyzing Brutus's role as a tragic hero in Julius Caesar and contrasting him with another character


Julius Caesar is a tragic story involves politics of the state and behavior of human nature. Preference of human changes when it comes to value, Loyalty, integrity and it becomes the turning point in their lives. Julius Cesar reelects human behavior when thing are not the way one assumed (Aeschylus, 1999).

They aim to tackle not only Caesar but also make it antonio. Brutus opposed to this idea. Portia, Brutus's wife, worried about her husband began trying to find out why too many thoughts of brute. Caesar's wife, wake up her husband after having a nightmare, and tells Caesar that his dream predicted doom, and seeking to persuade Caesar to go to the Senate: this second premonition ignored by Caesar, and he says that will not go to the Senate, but by the adulation Caesar persuaded to go to the Senate. (Vendier, 1997)


Brutus is the defender of the republic who believes strongly in a government led by the votes of senators. These two souls are in conflict and the second aspect is the only conspirator Unlike Caesar, Brutus able to separate his public life from the private and give priority to matters of state. Brute epitomizes the virtues of the ancient and its core, both noble one to Caesar and the other to the state, Brutus is the true tragic, hero of the drama. (Aeschylus, 1999)

Brutus as a 'tragic hero', he fell from the position of 'a great man' one who admired and lauded for his honor, to one who criticized and condemned, and no longer admired. Brutus role of the conspirators against Caesar resembles Lucifer's rebellion to God with the other fallen angels. Brutus as a tragic hero may represent a traitor who betrays the sanctity of friendship, and paves way for war and chaos through rebellion against the establishment, by assassinating Caesar. In such light, one may view a host of intriguing comparables evident between the Shakespeare's play and Milton's epic poem, and of it one may devise a study in state politics and human nature through works of classical English, literature". He has weaknesses, and when his cohorts come up with reasons to kill Caesar, Brutus persuaded. "Brutus is ambitious, as well. He has a lot of trust in his own intelligence, in his ability to do right ...
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