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Justification memo report

Justification memo report


The Manager

This is to inform you that in order to apply for a magazine, an employee must first obtain approval from their manager, who is responsible for ensuring that the employee has an authentic business require for a magazine. In addition, the manager must sign off on the purchase to ensure that the purchase falls inside the hardware allowance and meets the eligibility requirements. Once approved, the department will purchase a magazine appropriate for the user's specific needs, and will configure the magazine for use.

Information seek is a generic function in all organizations that is worthy of planned implementation and organised usage. As information sources proliferate, so the require to present a single search interface will become more important. While the search function has often been treated as an afterthought, it is deserving of at least as much attention as information creation processes (data entry, article creation etc.) and is the primary mechanism for creating value from an organization's information resources.

Please note the Company has purchased a number of magazines which can be checked out by employees for temporary use. In addition, several dedicated magazines are used by the rotating on-call technical staff when supplying after hours support.

For more information about concluding on if a publication is an appropriate alternative, please read the next excerpt from a business magazine article which defines some of the pros of the need magazine:

There are many things that a business magazine can notify you that you might not be able to number out on your own. It can let you in on mysteries that you might else be unaware of, and it can be a great way to make certain that you are serious about the enterprise are you are next the little enterprise news. ...
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