Katrina Effect On The Poor Of New Orleans

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Eric Dyson has once again done a tremendous job by highlighting the irresponsible behavior of Bush administration in Katrina. In his book, Come Hell or High Water, published in 2007. Eric puts great effort, as he explained what went wrong after Katrina. He demonstrates how the flaw in punctual response has been entirely due to blatant racism. As poor blacks never support Bush government, it formed the major affect that Bush did not have to act out of self-interest.

The catastrophe that has beaten the American South and especially the city of New Orleans was not contrary to media which crush the bourgeoisie was the result of the irresponsibility of President Bush and his administration. This anti-American propaganda was so widespread in this time by the European media to discredit American power. Climate disruption, caused in part by the greenhouse effect is the consequence of a capitalist economy whose sole purpose is profit. These imbalances cause the natural disasters which was more numerous and more devastating than in the past. The lack of aid and special medical equipment, are also the immediate expression of the collapse of capitalism.

Everyone has seen pictures of the disaster, bloated bodies were floating in the fetid floodwaters in New Orleans. An old man sat in a camping chair, curled up, suffering thirst, heat, hunger, while other survivors languished around. Mothers with small children trapped with have nothing to eat, nothing to drink for several days. Chaos in the centers where refugees had told authorities they were victims to safety. This tragedy they are hardly unprecedented, has not occurred in any part of the world plagued by poverty, but in the heart of the most powerful capitalist and imperialist world. When the tsunami hit the Asian continent in December, the bourgeoisie of the developed countries blamed the disaster on the political incompetence of poor countries by refusing to take into account the warning signs. This time it serves the same excuses. (Bullard, 45-76)

There was the clear comparison between poor and rich. When ordered was given to vacate the New Orleans and other Gulf Coast, every man for himself reigned for everyone or every family. Who were able to get car and gasoline (the price also raised following the moral norm opportunities capitalist "business"), headed west and north to shelter, seeking safe haven in motels, hotels and with family and friends. But many of the poor, the elderly, the sick, were at the mercy of the storm, unable to escape. In New Orleans, local officials opened the Convention Center and Superdome for shelters from storm, but they provided no help, no services, no water, no food, and no assistance. 

When the thousands of men, women and children, mostly black, occupied these facilities were abandoned to their fate. For rich people who remained in New Orleans, the circumstances were totally different for them. Tourists and VIP's, who were staying in luxurious hotels nearby the Superdome, swam in abundance and were confined by armed forces, which reserved the "mob" of the Superdome at bay. Instead of organizing the distribution of ...
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