Keen's Latin American Civilization 9th Ed. By Robert Buffington And Lila Caimari

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Keen's Latin American Civilization 9th Ed


The 9th edition of “keen's Latin American civilization” offers a sweeping panorama of the Latin American history by providing a classical collection of primary documents. The book consist of more than 140 readings which are organized chronologically and positioned in context by introductory essays and notes which provides the reader with glimpses of the Latin American life from the conquest to republican and the colonial era's to the modern Latin America. (Richard , 2000)In this edition the editors Lila Caimari and Robert Buffington have successfully documented the changes in Latin America, which also includes the resurgence of leftist governments in central and South America, the destructive effects of political corruption on law and order situation and narcotics - trafficking, the feminization of politics from the lower level to the presidential level, and mounting concerns relating to the environment.

The editors have divided this book in different parts which are as under

Part 1 Indian and Hispanic Origins

Part 2 Conquest and Colonization

Part 3 the Colonial Political Economy

Part 4 Colonial Society and Culture

Part 5 Late Colonial Developments

Part 6 Independence and Its Aftermath

Part 7 Constructing the Nation-State

Part 8 Consolidating the Nation-State

Part 9 Challenges to the Nation-State

In this book the editors have discussed in detail about the Indian and Hispanic origins. Latin American colonial society and especially Spanish American colonial system was shaped largely by the interaction of Hispanic (Portuguese and Spanish) invaders with the Indian peoples who had inhabited the America for thousands of years. (Bulmer , 2003)The Indians usually responded to the arrival of European invaders with armed resistance. After the European conquest, the Indians continued to resist with a variety of strategies, including revolts, flight, riots, and sabotage. Sometimes they turned their master's legal code to ...
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