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Kettering Health Network

Kettering Health Network

Kettering Health Network


Quality healthcare is provided by Kettering Health Network (KHN) service among children in the United States. KHN's main objective is the financing, design, construction, equipment, operation, and continuously improves a world-class public and private KHN and research institutions as a chronic disease of the future needs of children in the country. KHN is also designed to provide high quality professional services, which is with the hospital set the standard of qualified public patients.

KHN of these patients clinical management to ensure a strong, consideration of all the minorities, safe and effective clinical skills, an effective audit findings, economic viability, 24 / 7 to meet the needs of all hospital services. In this article we will analyze the KHN marketing plan.

About Kettering Medical Centre

In 1999, Kettering Medical Center joined forces with Grandview Medical Center, which includes Grandview and Southview Hospitals, Charles H. Huber Health Center and several other freestanding care centres.

Kettering Health Network is a seven-hospital system in western Ohio which has been recognized by Thomson Reuters as one of the 10 Top Health Systems in America two years running. KHN includes Kettering, Grandview, Sycamore and South view medical centers; Greene Memorial and Fort Hamilton hospitals; and more than 60 outpatient centers. Kettering Health Network is the proud employer of 9,550 staff members, along with 1,530 doctors and 900 volunteers. All are dedicated to providing world-class health care and five-star customer service to help people in our communities be healthier.

Imaginative designers the opportunity to design the best within the limits established with greater efficiency and effectiveness of structure. Some features of the design must be effective and efficient (we in function, should have good organizational design, simple, flexibility, reliability, economy, and for observation.

At this point, the designer must determine what needs to be done to achieve the stated objectives and tasks is how meaningful units, can be divided into. Among the many possible combinations, you must select a method of decision-making criteria than the other one better meet the needs. Of course, between technical efficiency, human factors and organizational environment of the balance of decision making that decision should be included. The ultimate success or failure is the management attitude of some of the projects scheduled and designers who must implement these processes and relationships.

Organization Structure

KHN is a medical institution that has been established for all children in the UK health care needs, especially those belonging to minority groups. The bodies of children in all aspects of health care needed to help the community aware of how vulnerable children with the disease. The company is also committed to ensuring that services have been around to provide quality products and services

Product/Service Mix

•Single Product/Service

Health promotion and awareness are the primary services provided by the KHN. Children with cancer will be treated in this health care service. All sectors from household to community level will be targeted in this health care society.

•Description of Service

KHN will be sold by the service is the health promotion and ...
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