Key Strategic Issues In Oil Service Companies

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[Key Strategic Issues in Oil Service Companies]



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This paper accounts on an investigation into the strategic project administration process in the UK upstream oil and gas sector, and is worried with understanding the effective administration of the process. The research objectives are as pursues; first, to realise the extent to which the strategic task management process can be distinuished by a set of components which are both recognised by administration and consistent with a broader publications; second, to explore if the set of components appearing provides treatment of Context, Content and yield components, and if it is balanced across Financial, interior enterprise, external natural natural environment, and discovering and innovation perspectives; eventually, to analyse whether there is a close match between the components that emerge to explain thriving task management and the components to which managers pay greatest attention.

Section 2 of the paper talks about the environment of strategic projects and the administration process akin thereto. The method is split up into evaluation and control phases, and is distinuished by a set of elements, got from an exploratory empirical and theoretical investigation. Section 3 outlines the study methodology adopted. The selected approach engaged the assemblage of both qualitative (an exploratory stage consisting of nine exploratory interviews in a single oil and gas business, and a literature reconsider) and quantitative facts and figures (a major stage, consisting of a review of 54 tasks over 15 oil and gas businesses) in order to enrich the overall outcomes of the study.

Section 4 of this item covers the facts and figures accumulating for the major study workout, which was via questionnaire. In the following part, the facts and figures investigation and study findings are delineated, and two groups of elements-one affiliated with the successful management of strategic tasks, and one obtaining important management attention-are recognised and compared. Finally, a deductions part discusses the significances for thriving strategic task management.

Key Strategic Issues in Oil Service Companies

Chapter I: Introduction

This dissertation reports on a survey of managers in the UK oil and gas sector of their use of techniques in strategic project management. The item then builds on before reported study to identify portfolios of methods which appear to support successful strategic project administration.

Strategic projects comprise the centre of corporate development, change and riches creation. They are major investments, often involving high uncertainty; they comprise intangible advantages and promise appealing long-term economic outcomes (Buckley, 1998). Strategic projects also inspire the creation, acquisition and development of competencies (Foss, 1997), comprise a collection of varied choices (Amram and Kulatilaka, ...
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