Kim Hong Do Painting Vs Shin Yoon Bok

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Kim Hong Do painting vs Shin Yoon Bok

Kim Hong-do

Kim Hong-do (1745-1806), who is also known by his pen name Danwon, was a virtuoso painter of the last period of Joseon Dynasty, from 18 to late 19 th centuries. At that time, Korea enjoyed remarkable political and social stability and economic prosperity. Its agricultural society for a long time began to enjoy the benefits of international trade, including brisk trade with the Qing dynasty of China and the Edo Shogunate in Japan.

In addition, the dynasty was ruled by monarchs culturally refined, like King Yeongjo Jeongjo and King, who actively sponsored a number of talented artists such as Jeong Seon, Kang Se-hwang, Sim Sa-jeong, Sin Yun-bok, Jo Yeong - seok and Yi In-sang, along with Kim Hong-do, the most important painter of his time (Wannae, 44).

Ssirum (wrestling) Painting

Careful examination of Kim Hong-do of paintings reveals that the apparently unplanned and informal very few of his works was the result of the artist's spontaneous act of painting. On the contrary, was the result of a conscious, carefully conceived arrangement of the numbers of the figures, coupled with a sophisticated understanding of the principles of composition. His famous painting "Ssirum" ("Struggle of Korea), easily recognizable to all Koreans, is one such important works.

The album works genre paintings are notable for their focus on the subjects and their activities, not including background details.

His paintings of landscapes ink used clear streaks of light in a method similar to that of Yoon Jehong, a pioneer in the new style painting of the last period of Joseon. It is also known that he has not used the traditional method of leaving an empty space in his paintings, usually filling the entire canvas. [8] Despite the short verse and put his stamp on most of his paintings, do not indicate the date or time of creation and is difficult to define the progression of his painting style. As one of the pillars of genre painting in the Joseon era, which influenced many other artists later?

This approach helps to highlight the central issue, especially when working with a small surface. However, a careful examination of the composition of each table shows how skillfully and efficiently than the artist has made use of limited space. In the works, people and activities are organized so that the viewer may feel it is part of the scene in particular. And this is achieved in a natural and subtle.

In particular, the strokes are truly masterful. Basic guidelines and forms have been applied directly to paper without previous drawing. Despite this seemingly untimely, the final painting shows a carefully planned composition. To Kim Hong-do, who created the album of genre paintings, while in his 30 years of age, extraordinary art enabled him to produce this collection of masterpieces such as gender unpretentious style and effortless.


Kim Hong-do the painting depicts a large number of people, young and old, who have gathered on a hot day to see a bout of intense fighting. (Note to ...
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