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Textual analysis essay on Knocked up

Textual analysis essay on Knocked up

Knocked up presents a unique scenario in which multiple emotions are present at the same time and difficulties comes forth as a result of the presence of these simultaneously present emotions. While the flow of events may appear to follow unfair events at certain points, it becomes difficult to ascertain whether the individuals influenced as a result of the events deserve their fate or if they deserve better. This remains one of the most compelling characteristics of knocked-up and presents a scenario that actively encourages the reader to go from cover to cover in one read. This paper will attempt to analyze the text of the book knocked up by Eckler; published in 2005 by The University of Virginia.

Knocked-up presents an unorthodox look into pregnancy, with an angle that can be adequately described as the mother's side of the story. Eckler takes the reader through her experience of pregnancy, from the first day to the moment of her delivery. Through her narration of the events that took place in the three trimesters, the author shocks and startles the reader.

An important element of the text that merits highlighting is that the protagonist often appears to have an extremely negative personality and it becomes very easy to dislike Eckler. However, it is imperative to realize that this particular quality to be carefree and selfish resembles that which is seen in the villain of a movie. The degree to which the audience dislikes the villain's character by the end of the movie reflects on the degree to which the actor was successful in portraying his/her role. The seemingly complicated and merciless decisions that the protagonist took serve the same purpose in this text.

Knocked-up is a unique text and the beauty of the text ...
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