Kotter's Theory Of Change

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Kotter's Theory of Change

Collaborative Working and Kotter's Theory of Change

Collaborative Working and Kotter's Theory of Change


The study is related to managing project which particularly related to the Lucky General Hospital which intends to have charity in the West African subcontinent. For this purpose, the project is being evaluated through the Kotter's change theory and also the Gibbs' reflective mode which will guide and help in making suggestions for the practice development. The change process encompasses all activities aimed at helping the organization to successfully adopt new attitudes, new technologies, and new ways of doing business. Effective management of change allows the transformation of the strategy, processes, technology, and people to reorient the organization to achieve their goals, maximize their performance, and ensure continuous improvement in an ever changing business environment. A change process occurs very efficiently if everyone is committed to it. Meanwhile, for people to commit, they cannot be "run over" by the process, as something far away from it, because they are not. In truth, change occurs through people. And, to be considered people as part of the process of change is necessary to know their values, their beliefs, their behaviours. Organizations and individuals are included in it are constantly changing. In organizations, some changes occur because of the opportunities that arise, while others are projected. The term development is applied when the change is intentional and planned.

Reflective Scenario

As a voluntary worker with a medical charity in United Kingdome (UK) comprising volunteer and allied health professionals whose objectives are to provide educational, training and health care services to the underprivileged people of the West African subcontinent. I am a voluntary of Lucky General Hospital (LGH), in Motherland which helps in assisting to improve the healthcare services provision in the hospital. Therefore, malnutrition rehabilitation is important particularly in children, as the most pressing health care need. Therefore, as the project manager, there is a need of change to make the project succeed to take off and to benefit the children suffering and dying from malnutrition.

Kotter Theory of Change

The change is a matter of central concern to project managers. John Kotter developed a model for leading change that offers a valuable tool for professionals in project management (Kotter, 2008, 53-77). The model is the result of many years of experience consulting with hundreds of organizations, the noted the large number of difficulties associated with efforts to change, met common themes and became a prescriptive framework (Kotter, 2006, 7-28).

Organizations have faced significant changes in the environment of the business with the changes in information technology, highly competitive firms in the industry and more focus on quality and customer services. It has been observed that change will remain a dilemma in how to cope with challenges that are often mutually exclusive: a challenge to assure high organizational change performance and a challenge to sustain organizational social integrity. But, in order to minimize the consequences, some approaches should be adopted to survive in the world of business (Ackroyd, ...
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