Labor Laws And Safety Of Employee

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Labor Laws and Safety of Employee

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Labor Laws and Safety of Employee


Being a manager of luxurious hotel requires many responsibilities. The responsibilities are not only limited to enhance the functions of hotel and making the hotel work properly giving highest level of facilities to the clients but the managers are also required to take care of their employees in the best possible way. In short it can be said that managers are liable to take care of external and internal clients where employees are the internal clients.


As far the responsibilities of managers related to safety, health and security are concerned the most important responsibility as a manager is to make sure that his employees do not have so much burden of work that they get de-motivated. The managers must give the task to employees with realistic time margin to accomplish the task. If the employees are given too little time to finish one task and start the other, for example cleaning the room in 15 minutes including changing of beds, replacing the new towels with old towels, replacing soaps, refilling the coffee material, changing glasses cleaning bathrooms and dusting the whole room and moving to another room to finish the same tasks again within 15 minutes, this is quite unrealistic task (Brown, 2010).

Even if some employees get able to finish the task they will have to rush from one room to the other which can lead to any injury (Brown, 2010). So the managers of hotels need to make sure that the employees are given task with flexible and realistic time frame.

Considering the unionization factor the house keepers at Hyatt have strong legal protection. The major legal protection provided to them is of seven tests of just cause. This is a major point added in contracts of labor union. This safeguards the employee from several unethical, problem oriented acts of employers ( The seven tests include:

Was the employee warned of consequences of a certain action performed by him?

Rules and regulation of employers are reasonably linked with work and efficiency of employees?

Proper investigates was conducted by the management or relevant authority?

The investigation conducted by management was fair?

Did the management receive any concrete proof of employee being guilty?

Rules and penalties charged by management are unbiased and without any discrimination?

Penalty imposed is linked to the intensity of the offense and with past record

These seven tests safeguard the employees from any misuse of authority ...
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