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Land law

Land Law


The case that is going to be analyzed is related to the Land Law. Aesop wants to buy the freehold land estate in Dunroamin. It is a large detached house including the surrounding grounds. The present registered owner is holding the land for 10 years and his name is Babs. All the documents were checked by the Aesop and he did not find any flaw. He visited the locations two times to see the place. In one of his visit he found that there is a mound earth with a metal door on it. The owner of the property told that it is the old bomb shelter. Aesop bought the place and moves everything till then was smooth (Abbey, Richards, 2002, p.23).

When Aesop moved in he saw that in the bomb shelter there is an old man who is living and it is he has renovated it and he told that he is Babs uncle. Aesop told that man to leave as quickly as he can as he is the new owner. The man said that he has spent his saving and living here for 8 years and he said that Baps allowed him to live here as much as he can. The case is related to the proprietorship of the land. The paper investigates the concept of land and property law ownership (Alvis, 2007, p.44). The dispute is about the ownership of the land and that is going to be found in the upcoming discussion.


According to the law, the owner of a property is only that person who registered in the legal documents, irrespective of any other factor. Real Estate is one of the most active industries in the world today. We always have been in a need to own a house. The concept of selling and buying land and furnished houses is not new and the business of real estate has made progress by leaps and bounds during the past two decades. The advent of globalisation has given a further impetus to this already booming business. But the progress has not been without conflicts and misunderstandings about the individuals' roles within the industry. This paper critically analyses the concept of professionalism within this particular industry. In this paper, discussion on obligations and liabilities on part of the parties involved in the business are also discussed with a legal point of view. The difficulties faced by the surveyors are also included in this paper (Gray, Gray, 2003, p.199).

Basic Legal Requirements in Land Law

Title of property (the) vendor (s). (Writing with details of registration in the Public Registry of Property).

- Minutes of marriage (the) vendor (s) (if you purchased the ground was married).

- Ballot property tax current (if the land is located in the Federal District, require receipts for payment of property taxes from the last five years).

- Pay stubs for water use rights for five years or else a certificate of no debts for water ...
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