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Land Law Essay

Land Law


Rental laws are associated with the rental of commercial and residential property. Both the tenant and the landlord sign a tenancy agreement in which the tenant is allowed to occupy a certain portion or the entire property. On the other hand, the landlord receives a certain amount of rent for allowing the tenant to occupy the property. The landlord and the tenant have rights and responsibilities over the property, which are given by the law.

The most common type of tenancy in England is the assured short hold tenancy. This was introduced in 1997 and all the tenancies started since that year. The assured short hold tenancy gives the right to the tenant to live in the property for a period of time. The landlord and the tenant are obliged to follow the legal principles and fulfill their responsibilities. If they violate the law, then the other person can file a case against him.


When the landlord and the tenant agree upon a rental agreement, they should sign the agreement in writing. This agreement is known as lease. A lease is a long term contract mostly of one year, and it contains limited rights to end the agreement. The lease highlights the rights of the tenant and the landlord. The lease must also include the names of the landlord and the tenant, description of the lease premises, the amount of rent and the duration of the lease. Information related to the description of rent, amount required for deposit and utilities should also be included in the agreement. There are specific laws that have explained the rights and responsibilities of the landlord and the tenant. According to the agreement the landlord and the tenant should follows the law and have no right to violate it. The land lord and the tenant are obliged to obey the laws described by the government. If anyone of violates the rules and legal principals, the other party can file a case and take him to court. (Barclay, 2011,pp.153).

Tenant's rights

Tenancy agreement

Tenants are required to be given a copy of the lease or the tenancy agreement. They are also required to receive a copy of the agreement if any changes are made in the agreement. The tenancy has the right to keep a copy of the agreement that contains all the details of the contract. If in future the landlord violates any law, the tenants can take him to court with the lease agreement and file a case against him. ( Griswold & Beine, 2011,pp.245).

Contact details

The tenant has the right to keep contact t details of the landlord with them. With the establishment of the agreemnt the landlord is responsible to give contact details to the tenant. This means that if any malfunction of an appliance occurs, the tenant can contact the landlord immediately and let him know about the problem. (Groves, 2011,pp.77).

Adequate facilities

Each tenant has the right to enjoy all the facilities of the house that are mentioned in the agreement. He has the right to ...
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