Landscape Architecture

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Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

As It Is A Personal Experience Case Study That The Reason I Didn't Put References


The glint of light off of coal black eyes sliced through the murky water sending a brief shiver of terror up my spine. Gliding past the steel cage was Carcharodon carcharias—a Great White Shark. After the cage was pulled from the cold Australian water, I sat on the boat, drenched & deep in thought. I noticed three research assistants also onboard, each one excitedly scribbling in a notebook. Sensing a kindred spirit, I struck up a conversation with one of the researchers. We talked extensively about sharks, Australia, graduate school, & the environment. I realized how starved I had been for such conversation, while working for several years in the profit-focused business world. I have always planned to earn a postgraduate degree.


First, however, I wanted to travel & gain work experience, creating a personal context in which to better appreciates my graduate studies. What was originally supposed to be a six-month hiatus stretched into seven years, as each opportunity for enrichment led into another? I was able to travel the world & spent three years living & working in Australia, gaining invaluable cultural & business experiences. Returning to the academic environment, however, remained my ultimate objective.

My academic interests focus on landscape architecture & environmental science. My interest in landscape architecture dates back to junior high. I remember sitting in English class, staring through the windows, focused on the school's park area. I sketched the park dozens of times. Time passed & my interest in the environment & the world we live grew. I began to focus on the landscape; the subtle slopes, bumps, water & how the pieces fit together. However, as a 16 year old, I remained ignorant of the field ...
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