Laws Allowing Parents To Forego Medical Treatment

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Laws allowing parents to forego medical treatment


The relationship between a parent and his child is the most beloved relation on the earth. The parents are always the protective shell against the problems to their children. They can do everything that can keep them happy. Thus, there are occasions when parents need to analyze the circumstances. The following research paper is conducted to analyze that do the laws allow parents to forego the medical treatment based on religious beliefs.





Religion and Freedom1

Laws for the treatment of Children2

When a Parent Can Refuse Medical Treatment to a child?3

Possible Implications for the Progenitor4

Right to Reject Medical Treatment:5



Laws allowing Parents to forego Medical Treatment


The love and care between the parents and child is the most beloved feeling and relation on the earth. Parents do all the possible measures for the health and safety, happiness and success of their children. Children at times get ill and parents take care of them to protect from future ailments. Thus, there are some situations when parents are forced by the religious obligations. The following research paper is conducted to analyze both the aspects of it that whether the laws should allow parents to undergo medical treatment based on religious beliefs or not. Thus, there are different methodologies and theories that will be incorporated in the paper to discuss it effectively and in details.


Religion and Freedom

Freedom of religion is inherently limited by a number of considerations, including the rights and freedoms of others. Although parents are free to engage in religious practices, these activities may be limited when they conflict with the interests of the child, without violating the religious freedom of parents. This principle is widely recognized in the jurisprudence, since, even in cases where the rights of the noncustodial parent in matters of religion were recognized, the courts have nevertheless attached to the exercise of the right of access under conditions where this was in the interests of the child. Say that any law that has an effect on religion, however small it violates the guarantee afforded to religion, radically restrict the operating latitude of the legislature" It is arguable that under our Constitution a question like that should be dealt with under Article I, but in the words of Wilson J. in Operation Dismantle Inc.. "Rights granted by the Charter are not absolute, their content or scope must be hemmed quite independently limits the government sought to impose upon them.

Laws for the treatment of Children Research and experiments on human beings

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