Leadership And Being An Effective Project Manager

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[Leadership and Being an Effective Project Manager]



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Purpose of the Research1

Research Questions2

How might the researchers' background & beliefs influence/bias the investigation?2


Background of the Issue4

Background of the Organisation4

Background of the Sector5



Characteristics of All Leaders7

Project Management9

Leadership and Effective Project Manager9




1.Reliability and Validity23





Appendix 129


The world of business changes according to many aspects that affect the business environment such as policies and regulations, micro and macroeconomic factors, customer behaviour and firm's management. Many of these factors faced Saudi Telecom Company (STC), which will be studied in this research as a case study to shed light on its external investments. Thus the proposed title of this research is:” Leadership and being an effective project manager”. The research will follow the research methods model formed by Jon Simon based on Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle (1984) and Gowin's Knowledge V Components (1984) which can be found in appendix 1 (Simon, 2009). This section of the proposal will discuss the research purpose, the main questions of the research and the motivation of the researcher to conduct this research. The following section will discuss the main objects and events that have influenced on STC's business environment. Section 3 will explore the related work by reviewing literature. The research paradigm, methodology and methods will be explained in section 4. The timetable will be in section5. Finally some research miscellaneous will be discussed in section 6.

Purpose of the Research

STC has provided various telecom services for its clients in Saudi Arabia since it was founded in 1998 after the government decision to privatize telecom services. Since then, STC has grown and improved with a reputation for profit and quality of services as well as for having excellent leaders and project managers. However, in 2006, STC set a new strategy for external growth both in and outside Saudi Arabia and set 10% as its target revenue from these investments (STC, 2010).

This research aims to analyse:

Leadership in STC.

Project managers in STC.

Ways in which the project managers can improve their effectiveness at STC.

Research Questions

This research aims to answer the following research questions:

What is leadership?

What is project management?

What can be suggested to improve the effectiveness of project managers at STC?

How might the researchers' background & beliefs influence/bias the investigation?

The researcher, in addition to his six years working experience in STC, has an HRM background that allows him to understand the management structure and nature of STC. Moreover, the researcher has an MBA degree in Human Resource Management which gives him ability to understand the management and leadership aspects ...
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