Learning Disabilities

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Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

Summary of the chapter 10

In this chapter, it discussed the adapting curricula of the general classroom the curriculum is the project that determines the goals of schooling and proposes an appropriate action plan for achieving those objectives. Involved in selecting, from all that can be taught, what will be taught in the educational environment. The curriculum specifies what, how and when to teach and what how and when to evaluate.

The curriculum sets out the government is open, flexible and general so that each school is that these bases to fit your environment. To understand the term curricular adaptations, the chapter discusses the need to have some brief notions of the basic aspects of the curriculum. This chapter also provides an instructional adaptation which states that how the teacher should make use to strategies enabling a student to learn and develop them. Also if, student face disabilities regarding in learning so how a teacher can help him to resolve the issues (Chappell, 1992).

There are some instructional strategies that are included in this chapter that are questions inserted, the use of hints or clues to exploit different structural levels of discourse, whether oral or written, and the use of these illustrations are useful to make students learn and these strategies are also useful to avoid disabilities.

Response requirements are studied in this chapter so that, teachers have access to the differentiation, you will need to implement best teaching practices in order to create different ways to respond to the diverse learning needs of students, and may begin to diversify the content, process or product for each group in the class. With differentiation, the distribution of the basic concepts of the curriculum for all students, but the complexity of content and learning activities and / or student projects will vary so that all students face the challenge course Differentiation requires a set curriculum and the reorganization of the presentation of information to learners.

Content adaptations are important components of social adaptation are coordination of assessments, the claims of the individual, his or her personal capacity (actual and potential level) with the environment, goals, values, orientations of the individual with the ability to implement them in a social environment. Content Adaptations are more or less conscious change through which a person as a result of the transformation changes the situation. Content adaptation is the process of dynamic adaptation to the conditions of an individual's social environment, the interaction between individuals and social groups. There are many options are provided which help to develop a well organize content adaptations useful to make students learn effectively.

Addition to this chapter illustrates many beneficial strategies in order to retain the student towards study and learning and avoid disability. For example, there was a board game; and technique to make board games to be used in applied curricula. Communication is one of the most important human needs. Some people communicate easily and naturally, while for others, it is a big ...
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