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Theorist Learning Style

Theorist Learning Style


The mankind has been modernized due to acquiring knowledge of different fields such as technology, construction, and nursing etc. The field of nursing is not just important for the individuals who are pursuing it but it is important for the society due to its nature. Therefore, the nursing students need an effective and efficient learning style which will help them in broadening their knowledge in nursing field. The student nurse can be benefited from any of learning style because each one is offering unique set of advantages. The theorist learning style offers a discipline approach along with rational and objective learning which is very critical for student nurse to learn while the reflector learning style offers thorough and methodical approach which makes the students well aware to their studies. The activist's style offers flexible and open minded settings to learn which is important in equipping a student nurse to deal with future challenges, while the pragmatist offers a practical and realistic learning style. This report will focus on the learning style known as “Theorist”. This is widely accepted learning style because of its valuable outcomes. The report will highlight its unique benefits and approach (Honey & Mumford, 2000, pp. 33).


Theorist Learning Style

As stated earlier, the theorist learning style is a widely used style therefore; it dominates over the other learning styles. It's rational and objective approach help students in developing in depth view about their underlying studies. The rational approach actually enhances the cognitive development which in turn keeps benefiting students in their practical life. It has been widely seen that the issues that students encounter during their professional life are very different than the challenges and issues that students have learned or studied in their books. The theorist learning style offers systematic and analytic approach to equip students with require knowledge (Cassidy, 2004, pp. 425). It is very necessary that nursing students learn techniques and knowledge in systematic way because it helps them in recalling the information that they have learned in classroom settings. The field of nursing is very complex because it is directly involve with the life of patients. The nursing students need to have analytical mindset so that they can understand the patient's condition and can develop appropriate methodologies to assist patients. The complexity level of injuries and diseases varies from patients to patients which provide impetus to nursing students to have enhanced analytical capabilities which will help them in decomposing the generic treatment on the basis of situation (Goldfinch, & Hughes, 2007, pp. 260).

The students must be interested in making their tasks more effective and efficient. The theorist learning style helps students in solving the unsolved issues because it generates an enthusiasm in students. There is a big need of creating an enthusiasm in student's because this actually leads to innovation which is crucial to improve the productivity. This is one of the qualities of theorist style that it helps the instructor in inducing an enthusiasm in ...
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