Learning Style Essay

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Learning Style Essay

Learning Style Essay


The technological advancement in the environment of clinical field along with increase in the autonomy of nurses have the meaning to further improvisation in learning and teaching strategies and the other opportunities of learning in the curricula of nursing. The diversification in the profession of nursing has actually brought various new challenges which give a wide entry gate for the mature and diverse students (Greenway R. 2007). These challenges are to be addressed with proper and structured approaches to the teaching as well as learning activities. A wide range of different approaches are being promoted in optimizing the learning activities and further meet student needs (Common L. 2003). In order to provide the effectiveness in learning and the positive results in the educational outcomes, the nurse educators have derived and integrated various teaching and learning strategies which depend over styles of teaching. Honey and Mumford (1986 till 1992) have developed questionnaire of the learning styles in variation to the Kolb's model. Kolb himself has showed learning styles as the continuous running of one from the experiences of life, the thoughtful observation, to the conceptualization and lastly to experimenting of the concepts (Rawaf .S2007 p. 21-32). There lie four of the learning styles in Kolb's learning style inventory, which are, Diverger, Assimilator, Converger, Accommodator. Kolb has also heighted the importance to these learning styles for individual in order o improvise his effectiveness as being a learner. From the analysis divergers excel in observation and experiences. The four learning styles of Kolb's which defines the functioning of the inventory learning model styles are; Activist, reflector, Theorist and Pragmatist.


Learning are the heart of the social interaction process in which students construct their own knowledge base on the basis of their experience, reflectively their own learning process in relation to the context and learning objectives (Ms Jane 1999 p. 42-23). A key role in nursing student learning is practical training, where one-third of learning takes place. The student's own perception and learning together will affect the student's view of how nursing is formed and how it manifests itself in action (Rawaf .S2007 p. 21-32). Nursing view formation is linked to the learning environment (Benor & Leviyof 1997). A good learning environment will enhance students' learning in a practical training period (Fleming 2001) because the vision of nursing students to develop into practical training from models (Ms Jane 1999 p. 42-23).

Importance of Learning styles for Nurse Student

The study has aim of identifying the importance to the learning styles of the individual, which has the purpose in influencing the future training of the organization where study is conducted. Hypothesis is that many of the training programmes are lacking in providing the effectiveness because of the teaching methods which do not match to the learning styles (Rawaf .S2007 p. 21-32). It is beneficial in providing people with unique skills and makes them to analyse and use the information more effectively and further anticipate them to use and implement these models which help ...
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