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Texas is a state which has been endowed with immense potential in regards to companies which offer their services. The land and air transport in the Texas state are favorable for the distribution of materials and business travel. Distribution takes advantage of the geographical position of the region in central Texas, at the intersection of Interstate 35 ("NAFTA corridor") and a national road and motorway network and Texas. Three of the 10 major cities in the United States, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas are less than three hours apart. Laredo, the main point of entry between the United States and Mexico, is four hours by the Austin I-35. Highway 130, one of many projects to improve the road network designed to expedite the movement of goods and the movement to Austin, once finished will connect I-35 north of Georgetown and I-10 east of San Antonio (Texas 1977; Moavenzadeh & Markow 2007).


Opened in 1999, the International Airport Austin-Bergstrom is a valuable asset for business travelers and carriers. Aeromexico, American, Continental, Delta, ExpressJet, Frontier, JetBlue, Midwest, Northwest, Southwest, United and U.S. Airways have served 8.3 million passengers in 2006. These airlines offer nonstop service to 45 destinations in the United States and Mexico, and connections to other destinations. Air freight through an ultra-sophisticated $ 20 million was inaugurated in 1997. International Airport Austin-Bergstrom shipped over 104 million kg of cargo (Truly et al., 2004).

Legal Advice for Transport Companies in Texas

On top of the list of some of the renowned companies within this state are companies which are in the transport sector. Businesses and those who own interests need to know their rights and obligations. It is important for businesses to know the aspects of businesses which are of value. This is because these aspects enable the businessmen to work in accordance with the law. First, purposes of the law include the fact that they carry some form of penalty for their violation. Traffic violations carry a fine or imprisonment, or both. Violations of civil laws also carry sanctions (Bakken 2000). A driver who injures another while driving intoxicated must pay for the damages and the costs of the injuries of the other entire person. These laws prevent feuds and other less civilized ways of settling disputes. Laws also influence the conduct of the society's members. For example, securities laws require certain disclosures about securities before they can be sold to the public. Businesses commit resources, people, and time with the expectation that the contracts for those commitments will be honored and enforced. Investors buy stocks knowing that they have protection in that investment through securities laws. Knowing we have protection in the law allows us to trust, contract, and invest. Laws have been used to achieve equality. A final and very important purpose of law is to act as the great compromiser. Law serves to mesh different views into one united view so that all parties are at least partially satisfied. When disputes occur, the courts use laws to resolve ...
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