Legal And Ethical Issues (Module#5 Section Long Project (Slp)

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Legal and Ethical issues (Module#5 Section Long Project (SLP)

Legal and Ethical issues (Module#5 Section Long Project (SLP)


McLaren North Michigan Health Care is a part of University of Michigan Health System. The McLaren North Michigan Health Care caters all the requirements of patients ranging from vascular to cancer requirements and from orthopedic to nursing requirements of the patients. This organization works for providing the best value in the health care sector.

Scope of paper

Being the CEO of McLaren North Michigan Health Care, I will be dealing with the legal and ethical issues of the hospital with much concern as any disparity may affect the reputation of the organization. While dealing with the legal and ethical issues of this organization, I will take into account different strengths and weaknesses and their impacts on organization (see appendix).


The frame of medical activity rests primarily on the principles of self-regulation through conduct, that is to say, duties and practices codified by the profession itself. One of the components that determine the state of health care - is medical ethics, which plays a very important role in the daily treatment and preventive activities. Integrity and objectivity of the definition of health problems, including ethical issues, are possible only when a comparative assessment of the positive and negative development trends in the world (Loewy, 2004).

Legal aspects of a Health care Center

McLaren North Michigan Health will imply all legal aspects related to maintain a healthcare center. These legalities include maintaining the confidentiality of patients. Physicians are obliged to keep the information of their patient's secret. If they are failed to do so then they are suspected of breach of confidentiality which is a crime under Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Violation of HIPAA may results imprisonment, fines and other disciplinary actions. Other legal issue is related to the informed consent which has to be taken from patients before treating them. Consents inform patients about their treatment procedures and other related issues regarding their handling at the health care centers (Loewy, 2004). If consent is not taken from patients then the physicians of health care center may be alleged for fraud, medical battery, medical malpractice and breach of contract. That is why the McLaren North Michigan Health will follow all the legal requirements regarding the consent, confidentiality and also handling of medical records otherwise it may face legal consequences.

Employment to the new doctors

The recruiting of new doctors also needs to be practiced under the state's law and regulations. There are many laws which may affect the hiring of doctors at the same time also control unethical recruitment of doctors. The hospital will follow the laws defined by the government regarding physician's recruitment. The hospital will ensure to follow the two general laws applicable for recruitment arrangements. These laws are the Federal “Stark” law; and the Federal Anti-kickback law and the accompanying safe harbor for physician recruitment (Pendleton and Gustafson, 2012).

Ethical limitations while providing treatment to the patient

In these circumstances, particular importance is given to ...
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