Legalize Prostitution

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Legalize Prostitution

Thesis Statement

The Arizona states voters must legalize prostitution reducing the total impact on the state because selling of sex cannot be regulated.


The legalization of prostitution is a very debatable subject. Many feel it would be a wise decision to legalize it for the causes that it may make it safer and easier to command, but at the identical time there are numerous persons who are against the legalization (Raymond et al, pp 45-89). In numerous Arizona prostitution is legal, and it appears it is very well taken care of. Also in some towns like Las Vegas it is legal. But just because some thing is lawful does not make it ethically right or safe. In this paper we analysed that Arizona voters must legalize prostitution reducing the total impact on the state because selling of sex cannot be regulated.


Whead covering does legalization of prostitution or decriminalization of the sex commerce mean? In the Arizona, legalization allowances to sanctioning all aspects of the sex commerce: the women themselves, the so-called "clients," and the pimps who, under the regime of legalization, are transformed into third party businessmen and legitimate sexy entrepreneurs. Ordinary people believe that, in calling for legalization or decriminalization of prostitution, they are dignifying and professionalizing the women in prostitution (Tiggeloven, pp 78-89). But dignifying prostitution as work doesn't dignify the women, it easily dignifies the sex industry. People often don't realize that decriminalization, for demonstration, means decriminalization of the entire sex commerce not just the women. And they haven't considered through the penalties of legalizing pimps as legitimate sex entrepreneurs or third party businessmen, or the fact that men who purchase women for sexual undertaking are now acknowledged as legitimate consumers of sex (Daley, pp. 1-4).

Arizona Sex Trafficking

Legalized or decriminalized prostitution commerce are one of the root determinants of sex trafficking in Arizona. One contention for legalizing prostitution in the Netherlands was that legalization would help end the exploitation of despairing immigrant women trafficked for prostitution. A report done for the governmental Budapest Group stated that 80% of women in the brothels in the Netherlands are trafficked from other countries (Hynes, Zoraida Ramirez Rodriguez and Aida Santos, pp 45-378).

The connection between legalization of prostitution and trafficking was recognized in the Arizona State Department's homeland Report on Human privileges Practices, released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human privileges and Labor. In the country report on Australia, it was documented that in the State of Victoria which legalized prostitution in the 1980s, "Trafficking in East Asian women for the sex trade is a growing difficulty" in Australia…lax regulations - encompassing legalized prostitution in components of the homeland - make [anti-trafficking] enforcement tough at the employed grade (Sullivan, Mary and Jeffreys, Sheila, pp 45-78)."

Clandestine, concealed, illicit and road Prostitution

Legalization was presumed to get prostituted women off the street. Many women don't desire to list and undergo wellbeing checks, as needed by law in certain countries legalizing prostitution, so legalization often drives them into road prostitution. And numerous women select ...
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